Learn the London System | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. I wish these experts present openings from black side. Since I am assigned black 90% of the time in "random" online games.

  2. I’m watching from Frankfurt (Germany 🇩🇪) greetings 🖖

  3. I learned the jobava London before i learned the London 😢 im always in a losing position if that free rook on turn 5 trap fails… Thats because i dont know the London lol now i get why it's called the jobava LONDON 😅 i can just fall back into normal London position if my opponent is smart 🤓 now i kinda get it…
    Im only 600 elo there is definitely a learning curve in chess 😂

  4. You think quite differently than alex bazea… I saw you beet him on time every time but he was winning until you flaged him. My question is do his methods work in longer format but you smoke him in blitz?

  5. Watching from Leuven (Belgium) Hometown of Stella Artois.

  6. Mumbai,India. I'll like to play with you.

  7. Whats the best way to play against london system

  8. Great video, thanks! Watching from Niagara, Canada 🇨🇦🇺🇦

  9. Hello from Dundee, Scotland. Man this system has steadied my elo……thanks for all your help.

  10. We are from Madisonville Ky.

    Thank you Levy. This content is pivotal or during the game. My nine year old son is picking up a chess because of your videos. You are 100% the Goat of growing the game.

  11. Thank you for the lesson Levy.
    I'm from California and started a chess club in my downtown and we meet in person on Saturdays.
    Met great people cause of chess and also due to you how well you teach that i like to continue playing chess.
    Thanks again. – Giovanni

  12. Mumbai, India. Beautiful explanation. Can’t thank you enough

  13. I figured it’s about time I started studying these lines. Thanks for sharing. The amount of variations seems unlimited but I guess when you get used to one line at a time, you can develop a solid repertoire.

  14. Hello from Augusta, Maine, USA! Thanks so very much for this user-friendly, informative and helpful video. 👍😁

  15. Thanks for the video! Greetings from Erding(Germany)

  16. What do you do if nf6 is followed by ng5? Keeps harassing your f4 bishop?

  17. My opponents always seem to play the moves you never cover on your videos. This happened to me with the London as well as the Vienna

  18. Im going to try it out i usallt play elephant gambit , the thing is i learnt naturally

  19. What would be the London system for black, kind of? 🤔

  20. I've find this opening very useful, but what if black counters with pawns f6 and d6? I feel like I lose position in the middle every way I respond to this

  21. I watched this a lot of times ,12 years old chess championship thanks to you my brother

  22. I remember the first 2 moves only, after 2 hours of learning the London. I guess I will stick to playing the Vienna…

  23. Hi, I'm From Pakistan and I'm ur 70 year old kid student.

  24. i am watching from the netherlands a city called den helder

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