Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Me after watching this video: Now let’s try Caro-Kann Defense!
    White: Plays King’s Indian
    Me: Wait, that’s not in the script.

  2. What about people who play wayward?

  3. my stupid ass just realized I played well dozens of openings without even knowing it was all elaborate theoretical strategies 💀

  4. I used to play the King’s Indian Defense, and I found that it was a bit too passive for my taste. The Caro-Kann fit me perfectly. Thanks, Levy.

  5. I have been doing it all this time and didnt know it

  6. What if they play BC4 on their second move

  7. What if on the protect line after you move your knight they play bishop to protect it?

  8. Me: Watches this video with full attention.
    Also me: Only remembers the first 2 pawn moves.

  9. ive recently started learning chess and took to the scandinavian defence, ive noticed when they dont accept the opening pawn trade knowing how to play from the caro-kann is very handy knowledge, or atleast it feels like it to my untrained brain, apologies if this is touched on in the video i just started watching

  10. Bruh this is lot to take in. So much information and movements in 10 minutes. If this is one opening and I know there are fuck ton of openings available, I'm fucked. It's so hard to remember every movement individually.

  11. I am a beginning, chess player, and I am trying to learn, but I struggle to memorize the moves. I am supposed to make based on what my opponent does. Any tips?

  12. Finally, a way to learn 5 chess openings in the time it takes my darn sibling to get out of the bathroom! I will be invincible once my rating increases by 50% and I can finally not get tired while waiting for the person in there to "gather privacy" or whatever! Truly a godsend. Or not; I haven't watched the video yet.

  13. Gotham thank you so much for learning me to play Caro-Kann Defense, now i could finally outplay my father.

  14. The moves are actually pretty obvious when you get used to it

  15. Me learning how to play the caro Khan so my opponent can play h5

  16. cash is so drop dead down the heels inlove with you he is so gay for u

  17. And you can do caro kann in white by moving pawn to f3 and g4 which is called Stupid Opening

  18. my crush likes to play that.

  19. My Gamer Tag is KaanCaro I need to master this

  20. btw, he has a Caro-Kann 35min lesson, if yall want to learn about it 🙂

  21. Really like how you explained how to deal with the most common moves you face with the Caro-Kann.

  22. What do u do when white goes queen h5 on the second move?

  23. I know this is a super old video but, why do you think other youtubers don't share your love for the caro Khan? I know your personal attachment from your other video on it, but have you just put so much time into that you overcome the short comings of the opening? Or is there another reason its not more popular on YouTube?

  24. 2:00 We can play pawn h6 to slide back our bishop if the opponent threatens or wants to exchange and u don't.

  25. You didn't say what happens if white plays pawn to e5 on the second move..??

  26. 0:49 – The exchange variation

    2:15 – Exchange variation – Panov variation

    3:07 – knight to c3 protect variation

    4:59 – knight to d2 protect variation

    5:07 – f3 protect variation (fantasy variation)

    6:27 – advance variation1, c5

    6:52 – advance variation2, knight to c6 (main line variation)

  27. Very nice. At 6:20 tho I found it a bit weird that you dismissed this variant so quickly. I found the 2 knights variation to be quite popular in guides for white these days (e.g. t6rMMIO9Kqg). Especially after … Bf5 (the most common move here in the wood tiers) white has Ng3, and after the natural drop back to g6 white has the very uncomfortable h4. After … h6, Ne5 black at least loses the bishop pair and gets a doubled pawn, because … Bh7 is countered by Qh5.

  28. Since I started playing this opening my winning percentage with black has dropped by 3-4%. Can only recommend this great opening

  29. It can't be that fast in a real game. Depending on
    the opponent

  30. I love how he has a 10 min video to learn the Karo but a 35 min video how to destroy it 😂😂😂😂

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