Kasparov’s Greatest Chess Game!!! | GM Naro Analyzes Famous Games

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  1. Little less talk please 20min too much need to skip some

  2. Thank you sir for the analysis…great job!

  3. Can you please put chat in a window so we know what you are responding to?

  4. I can't believe he's asking if this is boring at 5:45. Daniel. This.is.great.

  5. That opening music sounds so familiar to me, but I can't place it. Anyone know what it's from?

  6. Hey Daniel, I've been loving all the videos you've been putting out. You do such a good job breaking down ideas in easy to understand ways, It's great! Maybe consider turning down your camera angle a bit to cut the ceiling light out and add a crisper shot to your crisp content 😉

  7. I found Kasparov's move of Rook takes B7!! I'm not even highly ranked, just been taking some great key conceptual notes from many of your lessons 🙂 Thank you as always Daniel

  8. I love these kind of instructional analysis of great games. Keep it up

  9. Really appreciate the informative chess, very entertaining and helps my chess a lot, but you look tired, we dont mind a break if u need one!

  10. bro you're the chess lore grandmaster. keep it up

  11. Daniel, do you use any supplements or nootropics to help with things like focus or memory? And if so, what are some good ones in your experience?

  12. Chessbase programs aren't just stupid, they're designed stupid and have mediocre functionality and features. There is lots of room for improvement, but they never seem to implement the improvements.

  13. I had to create a database of Kasparov's 10 best and 10 worst games containing classical games from the period he was champion for work. I ran into the problem that I couldn't actually find enough games to fill the 10 worst games over the given time period. The man was too brilliant. Karpov was about the only one that could actually challenge him in the period I was mean to find the games

  14. Great video! You broke down that middlegame so well and made the decisions required seem so simple

  15. Great stuff as usual Danya! Positional exchange sacrifices are always fun

  16. Still wishing for some KID videos. Daniel use to play that magically

  17. I was surprised by the lack of ads. I would think that there would have been at least 7 ads in a 26 minute video from Danial Naroditsky.

  18. Great analysis and a very inspiring game. Thanks

  19. Haven't made it to a stream lately (working longer hours) but happy to see some youtube content. Thanks Daniel!

  20. Chess informant came out twice a year, at least in the 1970s and 1980s. Otherwise you found chess games in chess journals, in particular Shamatnij Bulletin was (still is?) a monthly Russian chess mag that had about 200 games an issue. There was a computer-based chess database you could buy into since the late 1980s. It was not on-line (the www didn't exist, and I'm pretty sure they didn't use ftp or email either), but basically it was a program plus subscription service and they would send you games collections on floppy disks.

  21. After Nd7, there is Ra8… Ne7+ Kh8 Qxf7 Rxd3 Nf8 Qa2! defending mate with an equal position. Amazing defensive resource that maybe both players missed.

  22. Your videos and explanations are amazing. One of the best chess teachers on YouTube easily. Please keep ‘em coming! I predict a very bright future ahead :). P.S. really enjoyed your game with a 1800 something player and explanation during the game of what you were doing and why. Would like to see more of that and hopefully get coached by you someday!

  23. The African Bao game is more challenging than chess. Its now available in Apple App store.

  24. Very interesting commentary and also whats kind of important for me, you seem like a very genuine and chill person. Subscribed!

  25. if you could perhaps vary your tone or cut video down a little to be more concise for my zoomer attention span. although, other than that it was good information in the sicilian. thank you!!

  26. You may be one of the best chess analyst ever… Just remember to always stay polite/humble. You're at another level!

  27. Kasparov the GOAT, before computer analysis took over. Insane domination during the 90’s

  28. I dont think Shirov ever beat Kasparov at classical time controls, for some reason Kasparov had his number and no matter how good a position Shirov got he would mess it up. That said Shirov is one of the best attackers and a favorite player of mine. His book "Fire on Board" is a must read for all chess players.

  29. Great talk at the end, Kasparov vs Deep Blue for many years was the only thing keeping me interested in chess

  30. This man just made me pause the video to google "Rudy Giuliani Chess"

  31. Hey bro, we watch this for your insight. Don’t say “idk if you’re interested in this”. If you think it’s interesting, explain it. We are here to hear your analysis

  32. What is the significance of rook to a3 at 22:50. I don't see any threat there

  33. Thanks Daniel, that was a fantastic game, and a great analysis (literally 100 more times likes than dislikes is telling xD)! I agree with your stance at the end as well I think (though I don't know the exact things he might have said or done).

  34. What about his immortal game against Topalov?

  35. Literally paused to search Rudy Giuliani Chess the moment before he said he was kidding 😭

  36. I knew he was known as one of the best, if not the best attacking players of all time, but it just occurred to me how impressive it is to win many games like this, his play is so tactical and activity oriented, you don't see this that much these days imo, at least not on a regular basis by the same player. Obviously a legend of the game and definitely one of the all time greats. What I really liked about him was his passion for the game.

  37. Me: wow I’m really enjoying this
    Danya: sorry if i am boring you to death

  38. HAHAHA, That joke about Rudy being Mayor and a GM at correspondence chess..I'm dying!!!

  39. the fact he doesn't know is

    he is GM Danya
    not GM Naro

  40. I spent 25 minutes looking for any records of Rudy Giuliani being a grandmaster or even a high-rated chess player only to unpause and find out it was a joke

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