Joseph Henry Blake vs George Archer Hooke | London 1891

Knowing your checkmate patterns will open your eyes to other checkmating ideas. Here Blake’s knowledge of Legall’s Checkmate helped him win the game.

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  1. You had checkmate instead of forcing the king to e4 You should've moved the bishop to f4 checkmate

  2. That was weird. If course we all saw the E7 covered by knight and king escapes. I had a feeling the queen sac would be part of it because just following the stupid move is actually the right one pattern from all of these puzzles. I never would have seen that knight business. I'm not even sure I understand it now that I see it. I don't see how he would have seen it in real time without moving the pieces.

  3. Always have trouble seeing the mate with the knights

  4. Knight controlled squares are the most difficult for me to comprehend especially when it comes to a mating patterns.

  5. Knights are my favorite piece. In live games against relative newbies such as myself it is the most unanticipated piece

    If there can be any general rules of thumb in Chess.. it seems arranging bishops in a defensive position and knights in an offensive position is the most effective use of those pieces in most cases?

  6. Why do you sound so much like stephen hawkings?

  7. I recently emailed you regarding coaching. Are you taking on any clients right now?

  8. Knights galloped to the enemy ranks and imprisoned their king and brought him back

  9. The black player must not have been a jelly spoon like we are

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