Italian Game – Chess Lesson 1 – Opening Theory and Basic Concepts Explained

In this lesson we will learn about the Italian Game Opening and go over some basic theory and opening strategy. For all videos visit


  1. Again what is the theory u give ideas but not the main theory behind the opening.

  2. boy i found you where u have been new boston viewers are hitting on you!! give us a science of life

  3. what happened bucky? We miss you! Please continue the Django Rest API Series it was amazing?

  4. E5 move by black pawn in beginning is much more than equalizing move.. else the pawn might move one more piece ahead.. and it would be a huge trouble if it's protected.

  5. Hey dude, I really loved your tutorials you are awesome and very easy to understand, I'm now learning your Django Tutorial and I have heard that you stopped making tutorials, please man don't do this you are the best online teacher I could ever find

  6. I know you want to explain the moves for the beginners, but I just don't think if you're a beginner you should be spending your time learning theory, but rather working on basic chess skills. Just my opinion though

  7. Bucky please continue django rest API tutorials.

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