Is This The Best ATTACKING Chess Game Ever? [Italian Game TRICK]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows you an iconic example of a perfect attack in chess. The game was played by Alexander Alekhine almost a hundred years ago.

The attack is so fierce that Black didn’t have a chance to defend. Alekhine kept attacking his opponent in almost every move that he played. Even when his opponent tried to push Alekhine’s pieces back, Alekhine counter-attacked his opponent with a spectacular queen sacrifice!

From this game, you will learn a very interesting and truly evil variation in a popular chess opening, the Italian Game. According to the database stats, most players make this losing mistake in just move 5, which lets you to kickstart your unstoppable attack.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Perfect Attack in Chess
00:22 Unknown Opening Variation in Italian Game
02:00 Nearly 150K players make this losing mistake
02:53 How Alekhine punished the opening mistake?
05:01 Counter-attack your opponent
06:00 Brilliant queen sacrifice!
07:42 Spectacular checkmating attack
08:23 Course: Top 25 Middlegame Concepts
09:34 Black’s correct response
11:02 Puzzle: Can you find the winning move?

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  1. U dont age ?? U look the same as I saw u in India

  2. Take pirc defence full opening plans and startegy ….Igor sir It will helpful for us….

  3. Can you teach us anything about the Giouco Pianissimo from white's point of view ?

  4. Rook can almost move anywhere except on the e file except E8,3,or x1

  5. What a great game. It amazes me how one move change can drastically improve your opening. Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Re2!! and if White takes the Rook Rxe2, then Qxc3. If Qxf6, then Rxe1#

  7. Warning, spoiler here:
    In 11:05 the move…

    Re2 !!!!!!!!!
    My god!!! It's crazy!!!!!

  8. Thank you for this excellent lesson. Solutions to puzzle:
    Good solutions: 1) … Re2, 2. RxR QxQ (black wins Queen vs white wins rook)
    2) … Re2, 2. QxQ, RxR +, 3. Kh2 g7xQ (black wins Queen and Rook vs white wins Queen)
    3) … Re2, 2. Qe3, RxQ , 3. RxR (black wins Queen vs white wins rook)
    not as good solution
    4) … Re2, 2. Qa1, QxQ, 3. RxQ Rxc7 (black wins Queen vs white wins rook)

  9. I successfully paid the purchased of the top 25 Middlegame Concepts but I cannot download the product : File not found

  10. Puzzle: Re2 is the winning move!

    1. If Rxe2, then Qxc3 wins the queen against the rook.

    2. If Qxf6, then Rxe1+ Kh2 gxf6 wins the queen and rook against the queen.

    3. If Qa1 trying to support the back rank, then Qxf2+ Kh1 or Kh2 Qxg2#.

  11. I don't find the best solution. I think the best move is D5he want. To safe his queen if queen goes D2 we simply captur rook queen capture rook and the position is equal.

  12. This site is the best chess advisory site by far.

  13. Sometimes within an hour I get 100+ elo. Next time when I play it comes back to the previous level. 😁

  14. After white plays Qe8 check, black has Kh-f8 blocking. After white plays Ke-f7 check, black can move King to H7. So the game is not really over.

  15. Contents are very good,but try talking less you talk too much.

  16. I think Re2 not such a great idea… We need to kick off the black queen from dark squares… I think d4 could do the trick… Qc4+ could be only thing white could do… so simply we just move our king to dark squares like f8 or h8… even if he plays & exchange rooks, we could have an equal endgame

  17. That's all well and good, but a very complicated trap, most games when you try something like this the opponent rarely makes the moves needed to implement the strategy, leaving you out of position

  18. Your videos are alowing me to improve so much , thank you for that awesome work

  19. Thank you for all your help. I am a novice but you explain concepts. I am older and not able to memorize complicated traps and such. But your overall attacking strategy has really helped me a lot. I just won my first game against a rated player. Even when I made a blunder I kept up the attack when before I would resign. I am focusing more on my plan of action rather than being passive. Thanks again!

  20. What if he does this what if instead of moving his knight on c6 what if the other knight on f6 takes your pawn on e4

  21. hi. u r best but your videos are always too long.

  22. Π‘Ρ€Π°Π²ΠΎΠΎ πŸ™‚ ))

  23. @11:00 d4, Qa1 Qf4, f3 Rg5, g4 Qxf3, Qd1 Qxh3, Qe2 Rxg4+, Ke1 Qh1+, Ke2 Re5+, Kg4 Qh5, Qe8+ Kh7, Re6 Qg5+, Kh2 Re2+, Kh1 Qg2#

  24. The lost password not working in the site. Pls fix it.

  25. Game is amazing ,but opening is doubtful.

  26. My temporary aim to be better in chess is to see all your videos /probably without attending your free courses in the chess – for me it would be another expenditure of time/. How many videos have you produced? Thank you for your valuable work.

  27. Brilliant – I will DEFINITELY be using this from now on!!

  28. 4:46 I wouldn't play ng6. Nf5 was the way to go attacking this annoying pawn twice by the two knights and there would be no way that white could defend it.

  29. To me You are the best teacher. Many

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