Is Fabiano Caruana closest to Magnus Carlsen in terms of Classical chess strength?

Fabiano Caruana beat Evgeniy Najer in the 6th round of the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023. He managed to play some brilliant chess which was filled with such accurate calculations. Caruana reveals those calculations in this video. We also speak with him about his victories at Isle of Man in the past and discuss about the gap in strength between him and Magnus Carlsen.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I want to see Fabiano plz ❤️❤️Could you plz help me

  2. a chess giant and yet such a decent modest intelligent guy.

  3. "And I was a little bit ‏‪better".
    Eval Bar-"‪You are a joke to me"

  4. Superb content and fresh enthusiasm guaranteed 🏂 Great channel team! Thanks.

  5. i love how deep fabi is analyzing the positions we see but completely in his head

  6. I wonder what Magnus would do if both Caruana and Nakamura were higher rated than he… or Caruana shot up 75 rating points.

  7. Carlsen does not play lot of classical any more and when he plays he does not prepare as thoroughly as top player should be. Withdrawal from classical W CH cycle and +3 against average opposition 2500+ in Qatar open shows he is not motivated . He does not care about his classical rating either so much since his quest for 2900 failed .

  8. Fabi is the silent assassin. He is the quiet guy in the bar who looks like a pushover but is the most dangerous.

  9. Closest man to beat Magnus Carlsen at world championship

  10. what I love about Fabi and Pragg is that they both are really humble and really strong at the same time. I so want to root for these types of players! (more so than Hikaru/Magnus/Gukesh etc)

  11. If Fabio make his chess style more aggressive he will rise higher but aggressive play may not be in his nature like Karpov.

  12. No one is close to Carlsen in classical. The guy is above 2830 for decades. Fabiano and co are fluctuating between 2750 and 2800 for decades. No contest. They all have 2800 anxiety.

  13. If fabi makes it to the wc i think he can beat ding and it might push magnus to come back as well

  14. I just love chessbase india for the fact that the team is so dedicated, they show moves as the player speaks so that noobs like me can understand. Most of the interviews I watch I just can't comprehend the position. Other channels need to understand that not all viewers are GM's.

    Keep up the good work Sagar!

  15. The way he deep analyzes the entire game without looking at the board is just mind-blowing

  16. What a fantastic ambassador for chess this man is. I hope he is Wch and becomes the face of chess for a while. Liren has been an utter disappointment hiding away.

  17. If you're like me and wondered why 2:38 Fabiano says Najer can no longer take on g4 – it's because if he does then when the pawn takes back (hxg5) Najers knight is now threatened and has nowhere to escape to

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