INSANE 500 Elo Chess Battle

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  1. I love how at the end black lost 6 pawns in the span of like a minute

  2. “How does black just forget”… Levy: forgets to put the knight back after showing examples lol

  3. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen my offensive king opening

  4. I am under 400 elo in timed. I’m trash and I know that. However, after looking at this it absolutely kills me I am at that level because I am never matching up with these kinds of goofballs 😂

  5. The White King was John Wick and the six Black Pawns were anonymous henchmen. They had no chance.

  6. Bru i am 500
    No way these dipshits are 500 elo that's just bs

  7. I'm a bit late on this one, but I love the emotes! Keep them coming!

    Great video as always, Levy! This is easily some of my favorite chess content on YouTube!

  8. I played a game in 450 it was 89 accuracy

  9. I'm a 200elo and some of th emoves made ME lose some braincells. How is that even possible to not give checks if you can? I won't be able to see advanced checks but how can you not check the king if you can. Bruh.

  10. as a 500 i hate when people push there pawns to the 5th row because it hard to get rid of and love doing it to other people because they strugle with it to

  11. 4:05 weirdly enough I had a game with my dad the other day where g5 would've trapped his knight. I didn't see it though. And later pointed out that g5 simply wasn't on my radar at the time because it's so rarely a good move.


  13. "I don't want to say anything, so I won't say anything. All I will say is…" -Levy

  14. Black went from a losing position to a winning then to a draw to a losing. How is this even possible

  15. No way I was scared to play online when I was beating 1200 computers while those people exist

  16. i really don't want to insult anyone but some of these videos, including this one, feel like the players had an agreement to play really badly so they can win the honor of getting roasted by you. i'm not highly rated, and the players i play in this rating never play like this. this isn't 500 level, it's more like 250 or something. i wonder if you review the previous games of players who send these videos in, and if they consistently play like this. because it's very hard to believe they'd maintain close to 600 playing like this.

  17. you need to keep your great work teaching people chess or more games like this will happen

  18. This is funny asf especially the end 😂😂😂

  19. "Everyone charge!"
    "But…we can only move one at a time…"
    "I said 'EVERYONE' CHARGE!"
    10/10 ending.

  20. Even at 600 idk if I could properly hang checkmate for 6 turns in a row. That takes true skill.

    Edit: also I love the emojis. Out of all the chess channels yours has the most personallity and keeps me clicking on you for lessons

  21. Black just didn't know their king could move forward.

  22. How the insecurity of never being a gm manifests itself

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