India’s Praggnanandhaa Beats Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess | Vantage with Palki Sharma

India’s Praggnanandhaa Beats Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess | Vantage with Palki Sharma

18-year-old Indian chess prodigy Praggnanandhaa defeated world number one Magnus Carlsen at the Norway Chess Tournament. It was Praggnanandhaa’s first victory against the seasoned former champion in classical chess, which is a form of the game revered by purists. Praggnanandhaa is part of a new crop of Indian players who are taking the world of chess by storm. From 20 grandmasters in 2010, India is now home to 84 grandmasters. One of them, Gukesh, is set to challenge for the world chess championship later this year. Though chess originated in India, the game’s popularity declined over time. India had to wait until 1988 for its first grandmaster in Viswanathan Anand. So, what explains the sudden surge in India’s chess prowess? Palki Sharma tells you.

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  1. Chess started in India. Chaduranga ❤

  2. Good boy….bringing it Back to chess's home

  3. Is firstpost suggesting a diversity quota system in chess, too?

  4. Indian channel can't even pronounce Tamil Nadu ends with "Tamil Nad"

  5. Pragg beat Magnus not an end games
    He beat positional game
    How strong mentally pragg

  6. 50 GM s play out side country they also like NRI they bring lot of overseas money to India

  7. Picture in the background is wrong person

  8. It is very important for india to have a big state investment in chess which should give all the financial support the players need.

  9. The citadel of chess is returning home. Chaturanga

  10. I like chess .
    No one ever promoted chess In. Past how that's not the problem ❤

  11. proud of pragg and gukesh..future world champions. jai BHARAT.

  12. I want more girls pushed into Chess …
    It's been long overdue..
    Women hv been restricted to the kitchen and marriage..
    Now that they're making a mark everywhere

    Would love to see our girls dominate in it…

    Vishy sirs 1st teacher was his mother!

  13. as expected they started even in this news male female lol

  14. kitna milk karoge indian chess ko…….come on

  15. 2 factual inaccuracies in this report-

    India had its 85th GM earlier this Month, i.e., in May 2024. So now, it's not just 84 GMs but 85.

    Gukesh didn't win the candidates last year. He qualified for it last year and won it on 21st April 2024.

  16. Sorry, but most players wouldn't crack a smile at such a victory

  17. Horrible research, he won the candidates last month

    Not 'last year'

  18. Gukesh, Praggnandha, Arjun E and a lot more coming on the way 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Vishy , Sagar and Samay are some people who have made chess popular In India

  20. its like a test match of cricket??????????, @Firstpost if you need some to write the scripts about chess, hire a good individual even I can do better. Classical Chess and Test Cricket are worlds apart. This is second time your team has produced utter non sense news when it comes to chess. Being such good news channel please work on this bad script writing

  21. Stop bringing Gender into everything.
    it's about Merit, meritorious Female Chess players are viewed in high regards and celebrated too !

  22. We Indians created Chess. Its time we owned it back. Cheers to the boy and a ton of good wishes and ashirwaad. Go on Praggnanandhaa. May Amman be with you.

  23. Now don't cry for gender neutrality here .

  24. And remember both of them are from Tamilnadu

  25. Congratulations, Praggu, a great job 😂❤

  26. Came here to hear about Pragg and heard everything but Pragg. 🙁

  27. Why.. South Indians are better at everything.

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