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  1. How about just shoulder the other king. Keep it simple

  2. Oh wow i assumed everybody knew this i just now realized i was doing opposition accidentally lol

  3. The eyeballs with eyelashes were incredibly helpful. Nice touch, brah. You Karo Kann course is soooo much to get through.
    RAISE THE PRICE on those courses, man.

  4. What if it didnt look on the pawn tho

  5. Very helpful information to know thanks

  6. Opposition? More like, winning the position!😂

  7. Thank you for not trying to loop the video

  8. Please we need so much more 30 seconds tool like those ♥️

  9. what about a diagonal king moves stupid

  10. So what I'm hearing is "always take opponents B to G pawns first to drop their defense of Royal Rank." 👍🏼

  11. Jesus loves you, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus

  12. i never saw the center pawns become a queen

  13. Bro i didint even know you could make a pawn a king 😭

  14. [White "lenellmontoya"]
    [Black "LeoIsBetterFR"]
    [WhiteElo "1000"]
    [BlackElo "959.7917537544278"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [Termination "checkmate"]
    [Date "2023.06.01"]
    [Time "00:51:48"]
    1. g4 Ng8f6 2. Bf1g2 Nf6xg4 3. Bg2d5 e6 4. Bd5b3 h5 5. Bb3a4 b5 6. Ba4xb5 c6 7. Bb5a6 Bc8xa6 8. Ng1f3 e5 9. Nf3xe5 Qd8e7 10. Ne5xc6 Nb8xc6 11. O-O Qe7c5 12. e4 Ng4xf2 13. Rf1xf2 Rh8h6 14. a4 Rh6f6 15. Ra1a3 Rf6xf2 16. Kg1h1 Qc5d6 17. Qd1xh5 Rf2xh2 18. Kh1g1 Qd6c5 19. Kg1xh2 Bf8d6 20. Ra3g3 Qc5e5 21. Qh5h8 Ke8e7 22. Qh8d8 Nc6xd8 23. Kh2h1 Nd8e6 24. Rg3b3 Ba6b7 25. Rb3h3 Bb7xe4 26. Kh1g1 Bd6c5 27. d4 Bc5xd4 28. Kg1f1 Bd4g1 29. Rh3h8 Ne6f4 30. Rh8e8 Ke7xe8 31. Bc1e3 Be4xc2 32. Nb1a3 Bg1xe3 33. Na3xc2 Ra8c8 34. Nc2b4 a5 35. Nb4a6 Rc8a8 36. Na6c7 Ke8d8 37. Nc7xa8 Qe5xb2 38. Na8c7 Kd8xc7 39. Kf1e1 g5 40. Ke1f1 g4 41. Kf1e1 g3 42. Ke1f1 g2 43. Kf1e1 g1Q that was my Roblox game

  15. I once drawed a guy 120 elo higher than me because they had only one A pawn left at the end

  16. How to you secure a draw as black if they’re side by side?

  17. My book tried to explain this as well but it is just so much easier in a video

  18. This looks great but there is a possibility of draw here if I‘m right💀😂

  19. A or H pawn is not necessarily a draw, it depends on where the opponent's king is.

  20. Alright, now teach me how to get into this endgame 😅

  21. Chess was much more fun before the internet 😭

  22. Used this trick today with 4pawns together and all 4 of them turned to queens 🤣🤣

  23. Is this an excerpt from the upcoming Endgames Masterclass? 🎉🎉

  24. This is litteraly the "ay bro why u looking at my girl" of chess

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