I Tried Your Dumb Chess Ideas

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  1. “Your ideas are shit” – The guy says to the people who’s ideas got over half a million views in under a day

  2. Add to the queen the knights movement

  3. This is guy is just great. Even his ad reads are hilarious.

  4. I misread chess as cheese and frankly I’m really disappointed

  5. you can tell he is drunk when he lost atomic chess

  6. 5:15 "Northram Gunship" is the best way Lud could have said Northrop Grumman wrong lol

  7. Damn, i love watching ludwig but this new intro is kinda eh

  8. Ludwig’s sponsors are getting smarter they’re not advertising for the viewers they’re advertising to the OTHER COMPANIES trying to sponsor him

  9. Play the game called shotgun king it's a different type of chess where you have a shotgun and black king has to destroy the white peices

  10. Bro had 2 beers and is trying to convince us that he’s even remotely drunk, bad acting lmao

  11. wait is that a legal pawn move @3:02? If so I should have used that SO many times

  12. Double-move chess is legit dogshit for whoever Randy’s the black pieces holy SHIT

  13. bro this video gets 10000000% more funny if you watch it at 1.75x speed

  14. Sometimes the dumbest chess idea is just deciding to play way too late (/early in the morning) and losing hundreds of elo in a sleep-deprived tilt streak

  15. Bro thinks he's the Michael Reeves of chess but he has no skills that's crazy

  16. Here twenty ways to play chess… for actual chess enjoyers!

    Chess 960 (Fischer Random Chess): A variant of chess where the starting position of the pieces is randomized.

    Atomic Chess: A chess variant where capturing a piece results in an explosion, taking out nearby pieces.

    Antichess (Losing Chess): A variant where the objective is to lose all your pieces or to be unable to make a legal move.

    Knight Relay Chess: Players only move their knights and pass the turn to the other player after each move.

    Double-Move Chess: Players make two moves instead of one per turn.

    Three-Check Chess: The objective is to checkmate the opponent three times instead of once.

    King of the Hill Chess: The objective is to move your king to the center of the board and hold it there for four consecutive moves.

    Chess960960: A variant of Chess960 where the starting position of the pieces is randomized twice.

    Capablanca Chess: A variant where the board is enlarged to 10×8 and two new pieces, the Chancellor and the Archbishop, are added.

    Grand Chess: A variant where the board is enlarged to 10×10 and two new pieces, the Marshal and the Cardinal, are added.

    Gothic Chess: A variant where the board is enlarged to 10×8 and two new pieces, the Elephant and the Hawk, are added.

    Racing Kings: The objective is to get your king to the opposite side of the board before your opponent does.

    Checkless Chess: A variant where there is no check, so the objective is simply to capture the opponent's king.

    Extinction Chess: A variant where the objective is to capture all of the opponent's pawns or to checkmate their king.

    Amazon Chess: A variant where a new piece, the Amazon, is added to the game. It combines the moves of the queen and the knight.

    Alice Chess: A variant where the board changes shape after each move, depending on the location of the pieces.

    Circe Chess: A variant where captured pieces are reborn on their starting squares.

    Cylinder Chess: A variant where the board is shaped like a cylinder, so pieces that leave one side reappear on the other side.

    Janus Chess: A variant where each player has two kings and two queens, but can only use one of each at a time.

    Suicide Chess: A variant where the objective is to lose all of your pieces or to get checkmated by the opponent.

  17. Why do streamers drink a couple beers an say they drunk

  18. All of these streamers play undertale music in the background but most of them haven't played it.

  19. New challenge “don’t play the Dutch as black”

  20. This has… 4 million subs? Really?

    Guys, what is wrong with all of you

  21. When it comes to being drunk and you pull up a Heineken, plus you drink it from the bottle…mate you not only suck at chess but drinking too. 🙂

  22. You gotta play mortal Kombat deceptions chess mode next

  23. Why is nobody talking about loud being wasted after 2 beers?😂

  24. what about 5D multidimensional time travel chess?

  25. On the no move the king part doesn't Ludwig move his king ? I've watched it 29 times, I'm confused af 😂

  26. Bad vid cause stand already released same footage smh.

  27. Too bad you choose Heineken. They launched 61 new beer brands in Russia since the war started.

  28. "If you're drunk, you're good"

    -Magnus Carlson

  29. why does Lud have a blue eyed filter on when he talks about the sponsor?

  30. Aye Tarik’s friend I’ll only sub because you’re his friend.!

  31. idk why but I don't like stanz anybody agree with me?

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