I Tried Proving Chess Pros Are Actually Dumb

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#ludwig #gothamchess #iqtest


  1. Ludwig to Gotham:
    We have to play one game of bullet
    Gotham: You think you can beat me at bullet?
    Ludwig: I'm really good at bullet
    Gotham's 20 years of experience: Am I a joke to you?

  2. Is no one going to comment on how insane it is that Levy can type 150+ wpm???

  3. Hit the 2 minute mark and already cringing at this Ludwig kid. Sooo much cringe its insane lmao

  4. The fact Gotham got the you had a peice of deeds nuts proves his brain is still young and healthy and funny

  5. Ludwig made the fatal error of assuming levy knew how to play poker. every shark has gotten killed by an absolute nooby who has no idea what they are doing

  6. how is this guy so rich and doesn’t even know how negative numbers work wtf and levy is so smart jesus christ

  7. I hate it when people say theyre going to do 'maths' and then they just do simple arithmetic. Next time see who can prove limits and integrals using algebraic proof

  8. Levy really won with a queen in Poker. It's fated

  9. Levy ranting about negative numbers is exactly what I expect with an English Major

  10. english major english major english major

  11. Levy’s word guesses are insanely lucky that guy needs to play the lottery😂

  12. Ludwig just turned to Molly's game in a sec

  13. There are intricacies in geo guesser that I am better at and it's not fair to you.
    *proceeds to lose

  14. Just goes to show that intelligence and knowledge are separate things

  15. Imma guess Gotham is around 800 Elo in checkers

    Ludwig is like 700 elo

  16. wdym. that aint proving shit. everyone is smarter than you ludwig.

  17. u know in the video ludwig said levy is old as shit in time 12:14 and the fact is that ludwig is 28 and levy is 27 lmao!

  18. me watching ludwig play checkers hurts me lmao

  19. “Damn, should i start off the video by inviting a chess champion to a chess match.”

    I don’t think that how you should start a game though……

  20. bro really said levy doesnt know shit when levy beat him in most

  21. So if levy is not smarter than a average person that mean lud is dumber than the average😂

  22. I think it’s more so that general intelligence relates to being better at chess but it’s not always vise versa

  23. When playing heads up, you should almost always raise the BB to give them an opportunity to fold trash. Heads up play is not like 6 or 9 handed

  24. I clicked this video to see you get detroyed by gothamchess

  25. Levy answering 90 math questions in 3 minutes with that accuracy is actually impressive lol

  26. Someone commented “GOTHAM SMASHED YOUR ASS” lmfao caught me off guard

  27. The fact that I know more than 100 more countries than Ludwig is insane

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