I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy My Friends

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  1. At this point if you're playing against Ludwig and he's actually winning, you know he's got someone cheating for him. This is getting old.

  2. at 3:07 how did he make it do that. look at the subscribe button

  3. please don't switch the board so often, just place the webcams properly :> cheers mate

  4. “One of the best chess players in the world”… is a bit of a stretch. “One of the biggest chess creators” is for sure true.😊

  5. I’ve never heard levy curse before ngl 😮

  6. Congrats on being promoted to "one of the best players in the world"

  7. You know what would be fun the best chess player vs the best boxer do a 1v1 in chess boxing

  8. I love that since this Levy has almost caught up in subs

  9. Next video : I hired a hitman to secretly destroy my friend

  10. “Rook a8 traps his queen but pawn to f4 is the second best move if you still wanna pretend you’re a human.”

  11. Lol Gotham Chess ♟️ 2:14 Love ittt- Saying all the right things 😏👉

  12. "It's Gotham and Ludwig baby! All day ba- oh he hung his queen".

  13. use stockfish (3700 elo) ❌
    use levy (2700 elo) ✅

  14. I love when kid is down in the second game Gotham really doesn’t think they can come back. I think he forgot how hard normal people can throw a game of chess, at least against a master.

  15. Destroy your friends??? There is only one friend in the whole video not multiple.

  16. 16:31 the person in chat asked if Levy can coach Lud sometime. Little did he know…

  17. at the end people in chat saying "YOU SHOULD GET LEVY TO TRAIN YOU" meanwhile

  18. 16:31 someone actually wrote him to acquire Levy to coach him 😂😂😂

  19. what's that music from 11:38 to 11:45 it sounds so familiar i can't get it out of my head

  20. Chess 2 is already out it’s called 4 way chess

  21. "…good to last 30 seconds" what!!!😂

  22. Literally I am a 1700 elo and Ludwig is streaming…

  23. GGs. Remember: cheating is bad. Unless it’s against your friends. 😄

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