I checkmated somebody in 4 moves…


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  1. you did this to someone i know. that’s his exact username. damn

  2. Anyone with the chess app knows this is a tutorial and not a live match

  3. Bro I saw someone do this you just copied them

  4. Average 200 elo checkmate

  5. "I dont even play aggressive this round"
    brings the queen out immediately

  6. Sam…….Id smash You at chess…. dm me anytime for match

  7. The other dude is 400 rated and doesnt attack the queen?

  8. fools mate. nothing special, opponents braincells must be decaying.

  9. when i tried that they put the queen infront of the king

  10. Bro i think this opening is called napoleon opening i think

  11. Why does no one care about the aot theme song

  12. This is the most basic checkmate ever even a 300 should know this

  13. Other peeps:🤔🤨🧐😮‍💨

    Me:sasageyo shinzo sasageyo ✊🏽😤

  14. LOL. everyone acting like hes so cool and stuff. in reality ofc it works. HES RATED 200 LIKE THE LOWEST RATING IN CHESS EVER. not to mention he used the oldest trick in the book

  15. Other people: wow what a Smart move!
    Me: *with fist on my chest *

  16. Bruh it was easy tackle i would have done g6

  17. You can easily counter this by moving your queen or just by moving a pawn

  18. Why does every chess player shakes their head?

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