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  1. Honestly the most usless guide for time Invested I have watched. This 11 minutes could make a goos video of 2minutes. What a drag out jesus I need a smoke after watching this

  2. If you wish to pass on knowledge i.e. 'teach', you need to stop saying 'OK?' as it is regarded as confrontational.

  3. Not everything's equal. White always move first.

  4. Jesus this guy keep repeating the same thing. I get it. Control the center squares, okay. Strategize okay. Okay. Okay. Next

  5. i thought you gon break my leg if i didn't know the basics just like my dad did

  6. I can't watch this. It's taking ages to past the intro

  7. How to win every baseball game!!! Score more runs than the other team!!!

  8. I gotta beat my boyfriend next time, I’m tired of losing

  9. this actually helped a lot thank u so much even tho im watching it in 2022 and this video is like 6 years old :/

  10. 8:44 why is Qg4 bad? If the pawn does threaten us, then why not just kill it? I’m new to chess so I’d really appreciate an answer

  11. I just can't do this man. the fucking Mathisfun bot is kicking my ass. No matter what I try I just can't keep control of the board and from now on no one will ever convince me that WHITE is the side with an advantage.

  12. I am a person who is blind, and who wanted to improve my chess game. Please notice that every single time you say 'we move this piece' or 'move this piece here', I have no idea to which pieces or squares to which you are referring. Kind of surprising and very frustrating.

  13. You start out taking a fue pieces of the bord that gives the advantage to the outer player so you have to think 5 or 6 moves a head and you learn how to use or brain

  14. The Farsi accent comes out when he says "potential"

  15. I want to know how to beat someone or in master, legendary and ultimate legends

  16. Duh…you have control because you moved 7 pcs and black has moved zero. Smh

  17. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤️

  18. You do have the upper hand if you make 8 moves in a row tbf. Can’t argue with that

  19. 3-4 min talking for nothing. Just roll the damn video you idiot

  20. You description literally reads "how to win every chess game"

  21. watching this cuz I’m tired of always losing :/

  22. Good information–controlling the D4,5 and E4, 5 central portion and optimizing moves. Chess is a war!

  23. What if I started with the Danish gambit. You should do a video about people who like aggressive plays

  24. This is one of the worst chess videos I've ever watched

  25. The first 10 minutes assumes that the opponent forefeet’s the first 6 moves! 😁

  26. Thanks for explanation I appreciate it.✍️🤯🙏👍✅✅✅

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