How to WIN Every Chess Game! | Win FAST with 1. e4

Fight 1.e4 , Get Complete Repertoire for Black
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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you how to win chess games with 1.e4 as White. He will also show you what to do when you face these aggressive variations as Black.

He is not just throwing random variations at you, but most importantly, he will be giving you general tips and guidelines that will help you memorize these variations.

► Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Core idea of 1.e4
02:51 Exploiting the f7 weakness
05:34 Find the winning shot
06:38 Trap the Black queen
07:46 Task – White to play and win
08:20 Repertoire for Black against 1.e4
10:04 Fischer’s tactical shot
12:17 Bxf7 – the killer blow again!
12:58 Ideas behind different openings

🤔 Why this course? 👇

The King’s Pawn Opening 1.e4 is the most popular first move in chess. The chances are, you’ll see 1.e4 in nearly half of your games with Black! Sure, you can respond with 1…e5, Sicilian, Caro-Kann, or French… but learning all these lines and variations would turn out very time consuming and tedious.

Moreover, the club-level players and amateur players are aware of the popular openings and the mainlines. They are totally unfamiliar with sidelines and tricky variations – that’s a great opportunity for you.

“Fighting 1.e4 – The Complete Repertoire for Black” has a ‘heavy’ emphasis on practicality and simplicity. It includes not one, but 2 complete repertoires for Black that focus on practicality rather than memorization of long main variations.

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  1. Hi Igor , is there is way to learn from you one on one, thanks :))

  2. I guess this is why e4 > d4, right? It's just that there are more pieces you can develop that directly attack Black's biggest weakness faster.

  3. What happens if black plays d5 in response to e4?

  4. My goodness, this video is awesome. I'm a E4 player with white, I like to play the Italian, the scotch or Evans gambit, but after the first 5 6 moves, I always mess it up

  5. That's why I always try to move my a and h pawns one square early

  6. At @1:50 black already has queen protecting from knights attack. Why move the bishop there at all

  7. i dont play chess , i just watch youtube chess videos . Thats how i feel relaxed and satisfied

  8. I played nearly 3000 games. I havent encountered this kind of variation. Even if there is one playing this with black it must be rare. (First game)

  9. who plays nd7, I have never seen that move

  10. Solution 8.20min : Qf6 kf6 . Nd5 ke5 . Nf3

  11. Guys write this down few times play it alone with yourself few times memorise it then you are ready to go you can easily apply it within 3 days of learning effectively

  12. Winning fast is good, but I am more interested in learning long term strategy.

  13. Black should have developed his pieces and castle on the kings side.

  14. My 13 year old son is too advanced to fall for these simple tricks. I have tried them all.

  15. I am watching your video regularly getting some nice move's. Thanks

  16. Hi, Is there a way that I inject a game that i have done out of computer to engine for evaluation? I appreciate if give me a hint. Thanks

  17. I wish to buy DVD’s from you if I can how will I do this?

  18. 8:18
    The test

    Theres two ways I found of going about it.
    The more natural one is prone to failure, but it will likely win checkmate if you make it seem like you blunder your queen. Moves are:
    e5, (then black goes kxd4, taking queen), you go exf6 taking his knight with the pawn, check. The king must take back the pawn (only available move king takes f6 pawn), and then its easy. Knight to d5, then when the king moves to its forced square e5, you move bishop f4 and win.
    The other way is mate in 4 guaranteed from this opening position.
    Qxf6, then king takes queen on f6. You continue naturally with knight to d5. King is forced to e5. Knight on g5 moves back to f3, check, and after the king is forced to eat your pawn on e4, your d5 knight moves back to c3 delivering checkmate.

  19. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the chess program that you’re using when making these videos? Also, is it the same program that has the analysis built in? I’m looking to purchase a good chess software.


  21. Good stuff Igor, simple , clear, Gratias

  22. Puzzle solution : Queen to D5 knight takes queen and c3 knight to d5 which is mate

  23. Queen takes Black Knight and then after Black pawn takes the Queen white knight goes to D5 and its over.

  24. I love the home 🏘️ 🏘️ to play in studying

  25. Igor, can you cover some traps in the black lion?

  26. Every move you made can be blocked this is a unrealistic game.

  27. Tried this on my boyfriend. You c*nt. He checkmated me within 3 minutes.

  28. I just forget everything in the game and just start defending my pieces

  29. I played it, I focused on the pawn lost all my pieces except my queen and both bishops opponent was +23 and I mated

  30. Means Quean to d6 for those who don't know

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