How to WIN Closed Chess Positions!

How to win in closed positions in chess middlegames.

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  1. 25:35 " …and yee that basically it" so basically you need to be a GM

  2. That was useful Levy. Thanks! Did you make a video on how to avoid draw and stalemate (both in one video)? Many times I am left with two queens a pawn and the opponent with just his king. and after a few moves the match ends with an automatic draw or stalemate. Other times I was left with my king alone, the opponent was with a rook and king, I was circling the whole board and if the opponent wouldn't offer a draw, it could go like forever.

    I'll go now and check your videos for something like that. Hope to find something.

  3. This is the most useful video I've watched. Just super super helpful. Thanks Levy!

  4. i just loved this video, keep it up 😀 would be very fun to make more complex videos

  5. This lesson, great BTW, suggests the player needs to mentally "see" the open spaces and make creative use of them. So: it's not where pieces are, but where they are not.

  6. Heard this hasn't been doing as well so I wanted to throw in my two cents, this video won me a game and I just wanted to say I appreciate the content!

  7. Levy trying to teach tomake us better in every bit of info, basically How to win and not to lose is hard as chess,
    Thanks man,
    I'm hoping to see you compete soon

  8. All the latest videos make me understand this game better and better. Thanks Levy!

  9. Yo levy, Instructional might not be your content that immediately gets the highest amount of views, but I do keep coming back to them to absorb them in bits. Thanks for making this

  10. Can you make a video on the Owen's Defence please

  11. Day 188 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Come vincere posizioni di scacchi chiuse”

  12. I liked the last bit of this video, distilling the lesson and providing some structure- much of the earlier half felt rushed and really didn't have enough time to "sit" with advice before moving on. That's one of the reason the instructional content in stuff like Win at Chess or Chess Steps is so good- it's happening during live games, so your opponent's delays between moves FORCE you (Levy) to slow down a bit on explanations and discuss variations naturally.

  13. Closed positions are difficult for the beginner and intermediate but they are such power lessons on the game. I myself a 1300 but I like when I get closed positions because it's a great exercise to become better. And often the position becomes very complicated which leaves more room for error for my opponent (and of course yourself).

  14. It's sad to see an instructive video having one of the lowest viewerships.

  15. Is this in a playlist? I try to follow certain playlists. Thanks

  16. Hey Levy. Checking in on this vid from your plug in the Charity Cup recap. Personally, this video did appear in my recommendations, but I wasn't in a chess-binge mood. I have a tournament in my college campus in a few weeks so yeah. Now I am. I know this is an individual voice and I don't represent a majority, but just wanted to let you know. I think this video didn't perform as you'd like because of clickbait culture, but I also wanted to add that your plug from the Charity Cup recap was really effective. I would recommend more dramatic reveals like that in the future, but maybe it'd get stale at some point. But also you're creative enough, so yeah.

  17. I prefer the educational videos, but it never showed up in my feed. Thanks for this!

  18. Shout out to anyone here because Levy scolded us for not watching it….

  19. Finally got around to watching this video haha

  20. I wanna see more close position video bet in this time talk about a square weakness

  21. Came here after he said he didnt got views on this video

  22. Thanks for this Gotham. I came back to this one after you mentioned it in a recent video. I do need to work harder on these pawn breaks because I always lose to my Dad at these.

  23. Just what I needed, 1300, and developing, coordinating pieces, etc is coming more naturally but the positions just get so locked and I constantly just think "now wtf do I do??"

  24. Being a London system player is so cool, you get examples from Levy EVERYWHERE

  25. 22:04 Question: What does it mean to “play” a King’s Indian Defense? Isn’t the opening which is “played” determined 50% by your opponent? So it isn’t like I can go into my match and say, “Today I feel like playing the King’s Indian Defense”, because the conditions may not be there for it – and you might have to go to a different opening… Tell me if I am wrong – I am just trying to understand better.

  26. Excellent video. I found this to be the most instructive and enjoyable video you’ve ever done.

  27. I just finished a game where my opponent opted to push the pawns to lock the position every single time instead of trading. I wanted to throw my computer out the window.

    I didn't want to resign, so I made him wait the full 30 minutes to earn his win.

    Screw everything about this.

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