How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess in 2 moves!

This two move checkmate only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way…but if they do…you’re in good shape!

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  1. White: moves pawn in any other position
    Black: “Years of academy training wasted “

  2. Step 1 : Make sure they are drunk as hell to even think
    Step 2 : Make sure its not the magnus Carlsen
    Step 3 : Unsubscribe to this page
    step 4 : Sleep peacefully

  3. WEAK, I can beat chess in 1 move, and if don’t believe me, then you are slow, because I just beat you.

  4. believe it or not i have mated someone in this way😂

  5. I used to do this in my childhood and expect my opponent to play the same took take him out by surprise, but never happened

  6. This is only possible when your opponent is yourself. And you'll want to outsmart your opponent. 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I am not a chess player but i think I USE my horse to kill queen and I am save mu king if I am right so tell me

  8. I thought at the second move he'll throw the board lamao

  9. POV: You don't know anything about chess but somehow still know that you can move a pawn forward by two

  10. This is actually in the chess for beginners

  11. If I were to do a chess video, I'd have a complete set; I wouldn't resort to using the middle school chess club's pawn at b7.

  12. Lmao jschlatt did the exact thing and lost in two moves

  13. This actually happened between a chess player and j shlat

  14. This only works if your opponent is an idiot

  15. So my opponent is beetlejuice?

  16. Yea but no one really makes that mistake anymore

  17. the fact i’ve lost this way before, it was my first time playing chess

  18. Bru my friend did that once i (was black)

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