How to win Chess in 2 Moves in Tamil

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  1. White queen irukka vendiya edathil king irukku

  2. Bro 1st move sippai 2 steps 2nd move epdi 2step pogum

  3. Bro indha chess board chess coins enga kadikum link thanga

  4. Sir chess vilayattu dindigul district la enka teach pannurankanu sollunka nan palani la irukken, en paiyan 3rd std padikkiran , avanukku learn pannanumnu aasaipaduren

  5. செஸ் விளையாட தெரியாத நபரா இருந்தாலும் இப்படி ஒரு அற்புதமான நகர்வை நகர்த்த மாட்டார்கள். மஹா மட்டமான ஒரு யுக்த்தி.

  6. I used this technique in college days and I won

  7. Indha maari maata koodathunu than naan munnadiye horse ah veliya eduthu vaipen idhu maari nadakura apo horse help pannum 😁

  8. No use of moving first pawn 2 step
    So well players will not do this.

  9. Play panna theariyathavan kuuda ippadi play panna maatan😂

  10. this only work when ur opponent dont know how to use their mind or play

  11. Very useful. I will try this with Magnus Carlson. 👍

  12. No it is not correct opening for white got it

  13. Only brainless people can play such opening moves as white

  14. முதல் வைக்கும் சிப்பாய் தானே இரண்டு கட்டம் போகும் இரண்டாவது சிப்பாய் எப்புடி 🤔

  15. ,👑👑👑😂😂😂😂

  16. Chess coin of Black is placed in wrong way

  17. Anna intha case board evlo Anna enga vangurathu itha unga kitta intha board vangurathukana link iruntha send pannunga anna

  18. The white pieces which u moved both are weakest point in the chess so only black, this trick works when ur opponent don't know to play chess and mistakely moved these two coins and you win

  19. எவனும் இப்படி நகர்துவன….என் கொலாத குடா இப்படி நகர்த்த மாட

  20. What kind of chesss board is that? Is it vinyl or silicone?

  21. Great move but i don't think white going to make a such a worst move like that..

  22. 2f m 2e m 6e m q8d m q4h 2g block

  23. Is it just me or the chess board have a wave illusion

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