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Hi, My name is Rebecca Texman with chess and I am gonna show you how quickly use and write down chess notation. So to start we have our white side and our black side. It is important that as a chess player you could, you write down both moves, both white and black. If you just write down your moves not gonna be so helpful, so let’s start. First move let’s say white makes is e4.

Now we don’t write pawn e4, we just write e with a lower case letter as we can see here 4. By writing e4 we know that a pawn has been moved. Now let’s say black makes a move and it goes e5. So we write e5. The next move that y makes is Knight f3, so now we need to use our capital N f3 and let’s say black goes knight c6. So Nc6. Now let’s say white brings out its bishop, bishop B5 and you notice here how I have a capital B for the bishop a lowercase b for this square and then the number for this square. Black then proceeds in place knight f6. Now I know that this knight didn’t go to f6 and that it’s this knight because it cannot go to f6, so I don’t have to worry about which knight I am moving in this case.

Now let’s say white decides to capture so we would have bishop captures x knight c6 and then black decides to capture back. So we instead of writing pawn because he has to capture back with the pawn we would write d7 captures bishop c6 and then that is shown by this. Now let’s move down a couple moves, a bunch of moves have been played and it is now black white decides to castle, so white decides to castle king side to show that we do 0-0 and now black has a choice, black can either decide to castle king side or queen side so let’s say black decides to castle queen side, again we move the king two spaces, one two and the rook to the other side and we show that by 0-0-0.

Now let’s proceed we move to bunch of moves forward and there is pieces that are taken off the board, lots of things happened and let’s say now, white is ready to bring its pawn to other side to promote to a queen. White decides to go f8 becoming a queen and it is a check, so let’s figure out how to write that we have our pawn goes back moved from f7 moves to f8 equals q4 queen and since it is a check, we put a plus sign for check. This game is far from over but these are just the quick basics on how to record your chess notation.


  1. Thank you for this video. I have always though chess notation was an absolute account for a pieces position every move but it turns out it is a simply a record of movement.

  2. !=good move
    ?=bad move
    ??= blunder
    !!= brilliant move
    #= checkmate
    + = check

    hope it helps

  3. I thought it should be Bxc6 (Bishop takes the knight) and dxc6 (no need to put 7)

  4. So I get that a cross sign means to take and the plus sign means take but what abou if it checkmate, what sign do we put then? And what what about if its en passant, what sign do we put then?

  5. Honestly, best video for chess notations. Always wondered how to do it, I’m in my first tournament in two days and have played for years. Finding a video shorter than 5 minutes was an awesome help. Straight to the point.

  6. Is this necessary for GMs at every game?

  7. the next video recommendation should be place below, i can't see what she writes at the end

  8. She made a mistake is black e7 captures bishop c6

  9. 2:17 u don't need to say the piece it got captured, u just say the destination square

  10. What if both rooks can go to the same square? How can we write which knight we want to move?

  11. Can’t see the last notation because the link to the next video completely covers the notepad she’s writing in

  12. Without return paly chess games? Tornament

  13. It's knight, not night so why do they use n?

  14. how awesome of YT to completely ruin the ending of the video so that we can't see the most important part of the video.

  15. why does the castling not get any field specification?

  16. Your "How to Play Chess" icon is blocking your hand written notation at 4:18 in the video. Can you move this please? Visual learner here. Thank you

  17. Wow the pop-up link at the very end of this video that covers what she is writing down on the paper drives me mad! Luckily I know how to use the browser wed development tools to delete the pop-up, she wrote f7-f8=Q+

  18. ohhh that how its work…. because im just a beginner can you teach also the fast write if have a timer

  19. You don't need to put which piece is gertting captured. For example you wrote down d7xBc6, but it could be put as dxc6.

  20. Hey ' mam
    What's describing in the paper,
    I am seeing in the paper .
    U are just looking to in the paper ' please ' see a paper to front on the camera "ok mam👍

  21. the last one is blocked,can someone tell me how?

  22. Yo the YouTube end screen for the suggested playlist covers the chess notation sheet

  23. your little popup at the end blocked out the notation instructions

  24. Pretty cool how the promoted video that pops up at the end covers the notation.

  25. after 30 years of playing the game, I'm playing for the first time in a competitive tournament tomorrow. This was very helpful. Now just have to practice it all night.

  26. I'm watching this because reading notation of games i often find ambiguity ( where more than 1 knight or rook can take the same piece and seemingly different standards , I'm not sure if this helps me even if it does make sense.

  27. please hurry in eed to finish passwsord game

  28. I cant belive she didnt mention the notation for checkmate

  29. Why you'll have to write anything? Just play na?

  30. This was ok. maybe a 3/10. Putting a graphic over the notation didn't help at the end. Plus, the notation was never made so that the audience can see it.

  31. How if you play black ?is the numbering will change ? Or we still follow to the white notation?

  32. I’m so glad the most complicated one to write was at the end and covered by the next suggested video and helped non . Great video . Plus it’s upside down. To us z

  33. Couldn't see the last one because of the thumbnail.

  34. As a frequent Chess player, this algebraic notation lesson hurts so much.
    1. A bishop capturing a knight on c6 would be written as Bxc6. Not BxNc6.
    2. When a pawn makes a capture, it is written with only the letter of the file it is on. Not the square. For example a Pawn on the e2 making a capture on f3 for example would be written as exc3 instead of e2xc3.
    3. Pawn promotions are not written with the original original square the pawn was on. A promotion to a queen on e8 for example that results in a check would be written as e8=Q+.

  35. Horse is Knight why N and for the last part f7 moved to f8 what sign did u used in between f7 and f8?

  36. Why were the old notations

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