How To Sacrifice Your Queen To Win Chess #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess with a clever queen sacrifice! This is known as the Légal Trap. This chess trick only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way and beginner players often don’t see the checkmate coming!

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  1. What are the chances this happens

  2. The name of the chess trap is légals trap

  3. Does a different move that’s not in the script

  4. Me: Aight, lets try this trick.

    Opponent: *Takes knight*

    Me: bro that wasnt on the script.

  5. Him: black plays D6
    Me: who in the world is going to play D6

  6. But you did win because your enemy can still move his king down or what ever it’s called

  7. Imagine you give up your queen and the guy just makes a different move 😂😂

  8. So im i tried and my opponent whent with the french defence

  9. I appropriately call this the Rosen gambit

  10. Vishy is laughing in Corner 💀

  11. If your opponent does these exact 100 moves you get a checkmate easy

  12. Pawn to e4. Black played Sicilian, cheers mate I’m now rated lower than Martin

  13. For context this is legal’s mate and I think this happening in a match is low.

  14. this just showed up in my feed, it's also called the "légal" trap

  15. This will only work against 400s who play the semi Italian so… good luck with that.

  16. Black king : there was a imposter among us

  17. Why the hell are subtitles floating in the middle of the screen?
    I can't see half the frickin board

  18. These chess tricks are not that good. People cover what to do if your opponent makes a specific move but what happens if they make a different move. It will completely destroy your tricks to win. This is why you don't always trust hacks. Sometimes they might work but a lot of times it turns out completely different to what you planned it would turn out.

  19. Here's a little tip. You don't need to do h3. Just go for the e pawn.

  20. Guys I lost all my friends because of me always forcing a queen trade can anyone be my friend?

  21. h3 is unecessary, just attack the pawn without attacking the black bishop

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