How to Play in the Middlegame – Best Plans, Chess Strategies, Midgame Tips, Moves & Ideas to Win

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8 Best Chess Plans for the Middlegame – Most beginners & intermediate players prepare openings & play it well, but in the middle game, they struggle to find the best moves. In this video, you will learn some important plans, strategies, ideas & concepts to find good moves in the early middlegame. So, if you’re ever stuck or can’t figure out what to do in the middlegame, you can use these practical plans & strategies to come up with your next few moves. Basically, you will learn how to play in the middlegame & how to develop a plan or strategy in order to master the middlegame. These tactics & ideas will take you to the next level & help you win more games. There’s also an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


Middlegame Plans:
0:00 Middlegame Planning – Introduction
0:30 Plan #1 – Pawn Storm
1:03 Plan #2 – Positional Sacrifices
1:34 Plan #3 – Create a Battery
2:17 Plan #4 – Rook Lift
2:51 Plan #5 – Smart Exchanges
4:52 Plan #6 – Apply Pressure on your opponent’s pieces
5:40 Plan #7 – Reposition your Knights
6:41 Plan #8 – Activate your Bishops
7:29 Chess Puzzle

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  1. This video is such a life saver! I was in quite a lose streak recently and I think I needed to take a break from grinding and start studying. After I watched this video, my rating is starting to recover. I definitely learned a lot today. Thanks so much! 😀

  2. I love your videos, they are so helpful.
    wishing you much success and thank you.

  3. 3:26 Is the kingside weakened after the sacrifice??

  4. it really helps ,please make more awesome videos like this one 👍

  5. Rxd4 by white
    Rxd4 by black
    Qxd4 by white
    Qxh1+ by black
    Ka2 by white
    Qxa3 by black
    Qxg7# and White wins

  6. First we will place our pawn on g5 square. Black would kill h5 pawn and white will kill the f6 pawn. Then we can put both the rooks and the queen in a line vertically starting with g1 square and can give him a check. Black woud place his king to f8 and white can move his dark bishop to d5 amd that would be checkmate.

  7. Hi Can someone suggest me good books to learn chess.

  8. Sir, please upload more such videos on middlegame strategies and plans . 🙏🙏
    It will be really helpful. 😀

  9. Solution to the puzzle:

    1. Rxd4 (our queen and pawn are staring at the g7 square, but so far the knight on d4 has been blocking the attack. Hence, we can sacrifice a rook to eliminate the knight.

    1… Qxh1+ (Black's queen can freely take the rook on h1 with check)

    2. Ka2 (Running away to safety)

    2… Qxh3 (Black can continue taking free material – in this case the white bishop)

    3. Rxd8 (White can capture this rook for free as 3… Rxd8 would result in Qxg7# – exploiting the g7 weakness as explained earlier)

    Black would be forced to defend the g7 square with 3… Nf5 as all other moves would result in a forced checkmate. Even after 3…Nf5, white has a commanding position and moves like 4. Rd7, 4. Qe5 or even trading the rooks with 4. Rxf8+ would all eventually go on to win the game.

  10. जब अंग्रेज़ी में बोल रहे हो तो लिखने की क्या ज़रूरत है?????????

  11. Chess puzzle 🧩:
    1) Bxe6 black queen has to capture
    2) Rxd4 black rook captures otherwise we capture it
    3) Qxg7 is checkmate

  12. 'the sweetie is gone' . should get your own t-shirt merch

  13. Can anyone please tell me which app is being used in these games?

  14. 3:24 that exchange was not a smart exchange the bishop was a great protector for the king which we Exchanged for opponent bishop

  15. Puzzle -1) Rxd4 Rxd4 2)Qxd4 Rd8 3)Qxg7 1-0

  16. i never have a problem playing around with my bishop

  17. Puzzle Solution :-
    Rook to d4 captures the knight and then black rook captures white rook then queen captures black rook and white will become piece up by capturing 1 extra knight in this previous moves. And then White's sweetie will be in the very attacking position bcz anytime our sweetie can captures g7 pawn and mate the black . If Black's pawn defend it by coming on the square which is lying on the way of our sweetie them simply our bishop will capture it . Ultimately white can easily win this beautiful game.

  18. Puzzle solved – start with Rd4 Black move anything ,Qe3 Black to move anything ,Be6-check Black have to move his king at h8 ,Pone g7 is the checkmate

  19. Hi.. Sir, my kid playing chess very well. Any online learning platform to teach him. Please help me 🙏

  20. White bishop to e6 check
    Night takes and Queen to g7 IS checkmate

  21. Rxd4,if he takes we will also take
    Then there is attack on g7 if he protects by Rf7 or Nf5 he can't protect by Nf5 BxN will happen so he will denitely play Rf7 then we will play Be5 putting pressure on g7 as he will play Nf5 we will play Bxf5 he will play Qc7b then we will play h6xg7 he will took up pawn by rook then we will took rook by bishop then he will took rook by queen we will exchange queen and win easily

  22. i was looking for this solution and here it is thank u so much

  23. Black Bishop e4 best move automatic white winning advantage

  24. चेस का आविष्कार भारत में हुआ था।

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