How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

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How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. In the span of one day Ive gone from winning every game to losing every game how the fuck does this happen

  2. Levy forgot about the "If any square that the king passes for castling is under attack by an opposing piece the king cannot castle?" section of the rule?

  3. Hands up if you are here after listening to Andrew tate .

  4. Thank you so much! It made me learn About more in chess.

  5. Okay this is very first time having chess explained to me but I'm so surprised that the king isn't the one with the pointy crown!! I always assumed that was him!

  6. En passant is "Oportunity Attack" in D&D RPGs

  7. I live in Brooklyn. New player and appreciate the awesome teaching.

  8. "I call this in your face" — Gotham 🤣🤣 the last words he ever said

  9. Can a pawn capture other prices on its first move?

  10. horse in Hungarian translates to “ló”, so as a child it was really easy to remember how they move. Since their name literally starts with the letter L, the shape they move

  11. Simply watching Levy’s videos taught me the basics of chess. I didn’t need this video lol.

  12. he is similar to harry potter and robert downey because his hair and beard robert downey and the glasses would make him harry if he was british he would have another similarity to harry😊

  13. i never played chess until i finally wanted to dive in, and learn everything i possibly can. Im ready im here thank you for this video road to 2k elo

  14. Me after seeing how the knight moves

    Auf der heide bluht ein kleines blumelien

  15. Your the best teacher for kids and adults or teenagers keep up the good work

  16. Very helpful for my undeveloped brain super understanding and easy

  17. I’m still learning. How do I learn more ? I’m still a rookie.

  18. I never play chess in my life and here i am wanting to learn😊

  19. I’m at a frustrating part of my chess game where I destroy most of the 400-600 elo players I find but anybody 700+ beats me handily. Hoping this video can give me the fundamentals I’m missing

  20. This is the first chess I’ve ever watched to learn, this is a new era of my life

  21. thank you so much for this i was starting to play chess and i sucked then i found your video and im still a beginner but i feel like a pro lol

  22. I have got a few stale mates in my time and boy am I proud of them 😆

  23. Man, you are absolutely welcoming and charismatic. Thanks for the guide!

  24. Stalemate is the single stupidest rule I've ever seen. It should be considered a checkmate. In real battle if a king puts himself in danger it's his own fault to prevent a player from intentionally making a bad move as a rule I find that stupid.

  25. Bro how is this for beginners? 😂

    I literally never picked up a chess board before.

    So I have no idea the context of the

  26. 11:35 Actually Levy, checkmate always happens at the end of the game

  27. Ok u are master im a 21 IQ minecraft player W dont feel dumb

  28. this was really easy to understand, i came into it thinking itd be impossible to wrap my head around but surprisingly i understood it easily! you’re quite a good teacher, earned a sub from me

  29. After winning 12 in a row I lost one and watching this video 🙂

  30. I'm watching this video to learn how to teach my girlfriend who's never played a lick of chess in her life, I'm a big Gothamchess fan so it's dual purpose a great video to watch and a way to learn what I should say to have her understand best

  31. I am so confused, i quite Chess 🙂

  32. “Hence the name Gotham” is where I click to another guide

  33. You said momentarily when you meant to say presently (which means soon). Great video! Thank you.

  34. Your videos have always given me the inspiration to be better at chess. Even if i keep losing haha.

  35. Can pawns take bishops ive been seing people say they cant

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