How to Play Chess: Rules for Beginners: Learn Game Basics, Board Setup, Moves, Castling, En Passant

Learn How to Play Chess in Just 12 minutes. This is a beginners guide to ALL the Rules of Chess. Click on the timestamps below to jump directly to a specific topic:
0:00 How to Play Chess! What you’ll learn!
0:32 How to setup the chess board?
1:22 Basics of the game
1:38 How the rook moves?
2:01 How the bishop moves?
2:17 How the queen moves?
2:38 How the knight moves?
3:08 How the pawn moves and captures?
4:21 Pawn promotion
4:48 Game objective/How to win & How the king moves
5:08 What is Check, how to protect your king & what does Checkmate mean?
6:47 What does Stalemate mean?
7:22 Draw by insufficient material
7:41 Draw by 50-Move Rule
8:08 Draw by threefold repetition
8:47 Special Pawn rule – En passant
9:50 Castling – How to castle in chess?

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out. Let me know in the comments if I have missed out on anything.

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  1. Is it allowed to castle in longer game sir? Even your king had capture somthing forward ..if the king goes back to its original place to the lane of the room is it possible to castle?..thank you hehehe

  2. sir i saw the membership ad that you gave what is the difference between silver membership and gold membership

  3. Thank you so much for pretty clear explanation and covering all the points
    Question 1:
    @ castling …. what if king already met with check in few steps before the time to castling….
    explain with this two conditions….
    condition 1: king did not move in earlier check.

    Question 2: must say check or check mate
    Q1: Do the player has to say it verbally …
    Q2 :what if he did not say… is there any chance for opponent to concider it as non check and take advantage of it.
    Q3: what if the check and check mate are said interchanble …does opponent get advatage here as well.
    Q3: what if after seeing the check also opponent made a wrong move

    Question 3: can you cover how to calulate points.
    condition1: when it is stalemate or other kind of draw … still the reamaining pieces gets their points or both players get equal points.
    please give some more clarity in these bits. Thank you.

    Question 4: the 50 moves . Does each get 50 moves each or 25 moves per player.

  4. Can the pawn move two squares if it is its first move?

  5. thank you bro for explaning ….now l understood correctly how to play ..

  6. After Floyd incident I noticed that it's not fair for white to have always privilege to play first

  7. Hello Jitendra sir,
    I was inspired by you to play chess some time back.Your match on Samay's steam was lit🔥🔥.I got my FIDE rating as well and reached 2200+ in online chess. I too am trying to bring new people into chess and started making videos. Do let me know if you liked it❤️❤️❤️

  8. I had two query about pawn capturing pawn when opposite side only move one block and other is controlling castle ,both are resolved now thanks sir.

  9. Sir I have a doubt : can a king move even if he is not in check

  10. I was practising your way of playing and I was continuously loosing for the last 5 months….today I played again as I used to…and I finally won…!!!!!

  11. Got inspired seeing you in a Samay Raina streams ….so here I am

  12. Welcome back to another episode quarantine has brought me to, lol

  13. Explains everything nice and clear! Thank you so much!!!

  14. I completely know how to play chess but still I watched this because this video is made by legendary CHESS TALK.😍

  15. Who else knows how to play chess but still watching ? 😂

  16. Thank you i saw many videos but you are the only one making simple to understand i got it now thank you

  17. Great video.
    But what if you have a real life chess game, and a pawn gets to the back, and let's say i wan't it to be a queen but none of my rooks or my queen is dead?

  18. I want to ask a question that if there is only king of white side and bhisop , Queen and king of black side then what should be done

  19. Shouldent stalemate lead to a win for one of the players? Beacuse it just dosent seem fair i mean one of the players clearly have an advantage shouldent that player win?

  20. This somehow helped more than another video

  21. Learning chess was one of my to do lists from a very long time..hope this does helps me

  22. Brother I have one doubt.If a pawn get promotion we will promote it to either of four pieces right?Then what if the promoted pawn mixed into normal pawns?How can we differentiate promoted pawn from normal pawns?
    Please tell me anyone!

  23. In a pawn promotion scenario can you promote a pawn to a queen if your queen is still on the board?

  24. I am playing chess when I was 3 yr old (I am 17now) don't know 😂😂why I am watching this video 😅😅🙄

  25. You forgot to tell everyone that you can’t castle and then you land in check

  26. I decided to teach my girl (9) in simplest and interesting way . I knew war sheep not the rook, horse not the night and elephant not the bishop. I also didn’t know the position of queen to queen and king to king and light colour should be on right side of the player . 27 years ago I played 4-5 times with my father and that is that. I loved it but never get any chance to play since. Thanks a lot . ❤️👍🙏

  27. Finally a video that explains really well how to play this game! Thank you 👏 🙏

  28. Just started to learn Chess to play with my grandson this page with the basic 's is good easy to follow thank you also can surprise my son when I see him .

  29. My 4 year old son wants to learn chess… I didn't know how to teach him… the video made it very very easy to understand… thank you

  30. Only rook can give the Check for the king….???

  31. I have two thing's to know about castle.
    First, imazine that I am in check.then I blocked it.after that can I castle in next move or later?
    Second,can I castle and give check in same move if opponents king in the check position?
    And the last one is not about castling,it is about en passant.i want to know in details about en passant.Can you please tell this in details?

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