How to play chess properly

An excellent round of chess here to demonstrate how the game should be played to it’s full potential.

NOTE: Not my video, it was sent to me via E-mail. I have no idea who made it, or if it is copyrighted or not? If you do own the copyright, and beleive this is infringement, please contact me and I will remove it.


  1. this is the funniest version of the weird chess thing because how you did it i want another video like this

  2. AVERAGE GAME OF CHESS IN OAKLAHOMA (seriously its 2023 so we dont have ohio jokes anymore)

  3. play chesse(chess) with my brother in the home be like:

  4. Christmas truces always work

  5. Bro chess creator write the round Lol

  6. I only now this beacues of the Giga chess Tron

  7. This is a very wonderful game💀

  8. Even stockfish doesn't understand how amazing this game was

  9. DAM i have been playing chess all wrong

  10. como jugar al ajedrez siendo ohioano

  11. Aint no way theres the real chess channel replying

  12. I wish the commentator didn't smack so dang much into the microphone.

  13. Ooooh so thats how u play chess properly i used to play chess with randomly lol

  14. This is how a 3 year old kid play chess properly

  15. dat barman gambit was dirty fr fr 💀💀💀

  16. I don’t play chess, thanks for teaching me how to play!

  17. first ever chess tournament in ohio

  18. This shit is 10 years old!! Still feels like it's just hours old!!

  19. Instructions unclear
    Got put in jail for war crimes which I didnt even commit
    Please elaborate

  20. The fact that the narrator said oh OH ThIs iS eXtRaOrDiNaY got me laughing

  21. I've been playing wrong this whole time :l

  22. I really thought this is going to be a normal chess tutorial
    But i am not disappointed, this is so much better

  23. I love that ww1 refference of playing football in muddy battlefield on christmass eve 😊

  24. My dudes predicted Ohio memes

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