How to play chess against a computer

Challenging AI in chess is a good idea for many reasons. But it can be difficult to start if you’ve never done it before. Further, we explain how to play chess against a computer. Also, you’ll find the advantages of dealing with a virtual partner in this game. Discover the best chess website for beginners and experts alike.

How to play chess against a computer

Is it better than playing against a real opponent?

Challenging a computer to a game of chess has particular benefits. First of all, there’s time to think through your next move without any time pressure. Just don’t forget to turn off the time limits in the settings before you start.

Besides, you can apply a certain trick and see how the opponent plays it out. Robots are less likely to overlook some crafty move you use against them. It’s a good practice to stop hoping for the rival to be inattentive.

Tips on how to play chess against a computer

  • Change the levels of difficulty in accordance with your current skill. It will prevent your frustration at an early stage. Some players choose too experienced partners and lose their interest after a series of losses.
  • Implement newly learned techniques and tactics against artificial intelligence. It’s a convenient way to practice a certain method before employing it in real games.


This was a short guide on how to play chess against a computer. Now you can have a try and decide whether it’s your cup of tea. But even if you prefer to play with actual partners, they’re not always available. Meanwhile, AI is at your service at any time you want.