How to Memorize a Game of Chess ♔ ASMR

Learn how to remember an entire game of chess by heart or draft off to sleep to this tingly ASMR video. You can support the channel here:

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You can watch my in-depth analysis of the Opera Game here:


  1. I think what amazed me the most is fact he went through that game in like 5 minutes, honestly I couldn't imagine how long the actual game took when it was originally played

  2. The chess up board is so amazing, I want one so bad

  3. Did he just say “memorizing lyrics from your favorite MF DOOM song?” If I could double subscribe I would, but instead I guess you get brownie points.

    I am stunned. However, I’m enthralled to know you even know who that is!

    He is my favorite, and I do exactly that… memorize the lyrics of his songs!

    Rest in power 💛

  4. That board is just…. Mesmerizing

  5. Haha, great to know you probably like MF DOOM (otherwise you would have mentioned someone else)

  6. My chessup board came in recently just after christmas. And I LOVE IT. I am no where near a pro. I know how each piece can move. But I dont know legit strategies. I just sort of wing it with no purpose other than hoping to win. The AI still beats me up and I make many mistakes. But I absolutely love this board. Its fun! Thank you for sharing this video I always love your chess videos.

  7. Thank you for getting rid of the ads in the middle 🙂

  8. what chess computers do you recommend for beginners 40-80$. Thanks for the videos!

  9. I learn by just Watching it while i sleep xD ist very nice. And i get evry time better in a Duell vs my best friend

  10. Is this actually how you do it? Doesn't seem like the best way to me.

  11. You bringing up MF Doom caught me off guard.

  12. I love when my favourite chess YouTuber likes MF Doom, baller

  13. 4:20 Checkmate?! That’s not checkmate! The king could capture the rook and not be in check anymore.

  14. That chess board looks so cool I don’t play chess at all, so it lighting up like that is dope

  15. I was able to visualize the entire board until Qb3 which I misunderstood as Qg3, feelt pretty good as a 300 in rapid

  16. He cleans his metal mask with gasoline, they're after him!
    Last seen pulling chicks like a fiend pulls a fast one

  17. This was my very first chess game that I memorized, thanks to you! Please make another!

  18. Loved the format man, thx for the effort you put in your videos everytime.
    Followed all your tips and after one day I can still remember this great game.
    I think it would be a great video idea to give some tips to help people play chess in their head without a chessboard. I'm 1300 and after some basic opening theory I cant keep track of moves in my had so after this type of video, I would love to see some of your tips regarding this other topic.

  19. what should i do if he moves knight c6 instead of pawn d6

  20. Stop breathing so heavily bro its mad annoying

  21. Nine days later, and I still have this game memorized. It actually worked!

  22. Jesus Christ I got a shock hearing your danish accent

  23. I decided to click on this video hoping to learn how to play games of chess blindfolded.
    I am at 6:10 so we'll find out if it worked, but even if not it would allow me to think about chess while working and improve my game even without playing.

  24. It took me over half the video to realize it's an electric chess board and the red and blue spots that show where the peice can move wasn't special affects😅😅😅

  25. i am thinking of getting this board. are the pieces weighted at all

  26. Why do I get daddy vibes from you, your voice is so calm and cool

  27. I thought it's gonna be clickbate but I actually ended up remembering the whole sequence 😅

  28. Can someone describe it in more detail please guys 🙏

  29. We need a new video like this one, that we can listen to without watching ! A part 2 with another historic game, that's a little bit harder to memorize would be awesome

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