How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

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In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. Gotham learned not to premove the opening the hard way

  2. see, just do it like me: don't ever learn any opening theory in 10 years of playing chess and you bring your opponent down to your level because after 3 moves max, we are no longer in theory territory.

  3. Lol for a fact bro yall are lucky to have gothamchess lololol..

  4. every single opening i did was d4 or e4 followed by a knight

  5. Gotham chess you helped me soooo much I owe you

  6. I feel I need to know multiple because one may counter another better but idk I need more knowledge

  7. It s complicated huhu but i still try to because i want to be better

  8. you gotta do a new updated version for this video because both programs are so different looking and working now i cant even figure out how to use it at all.

  9. Dead GothamChess, i've watched your videos for years. You have taught me so much about the game and you are the ONLY method i use to see new chess stuff or keep up with chess competitions. I got a request, if i may… There is an android chess game and i cannot, for the life of me, beat it. My brother belives it may be an engine who is at a too high dificulty, i belive i still Need to keep on improving… Is there any way you can try out the game, off camera of course, and beat all the AI in all dificulties as the Black Pieces. Im stuck at the 7th… Thanks and beat of luck to you!
    Love the channel

  10. I like the explanation on how to analyze past games here, but how helpful is it for a new player(like myself) to just know what are statistically bad moves, rather than WHY they’re bad moves? I do understand that the database at least helps you identify what move is the place to start looking, but I figure it’s more helpful to understand why certain moves are bad? Aside from them not leading to a good statistical outcome. Maybe I just need to become more familiar with fundamentals and openings first.

  11. As far as actually learning an opening, in this modern age we have resources that weren't available when I was young, like YouTube and chess computers. This is how I learn openings today. I pick some instructional videos on that opening and start a playlist. I write down the variations and moves in a notebook, repeating parts of the video at slower speeds. Then I re-watch the video numerous times, following along in my notebook. Then I do this with other videos on that opening that analyze other variations or continuations. I then follow up on transpositions to other openings. Then I notice the similarities and differences between openings, like the Kings Indian Attack or the 3.g3 Vienna or the closed Sicilian. I definitely respond better to video learning than setting up a chessboard and playing the moves from a book.

  12. I like my girls how I like my chess openings

  13. Are we supposed to memorize all those openings and branches?

  14. Gotham is like a kindergarten teacher that hates kids but also wants you to succeed

  15. Lovely! I’ve been a beginner for 50 years! Hopefully videos such as yours will help me make some progress!

  16. Idk why but ever since I've taken chess seriously I have become dumber and dumber at it. 😂

  17. Play the king’s pawn, if they play the same thing, queen h5, get their pawn, and checkmate

  18. My opponent r so noob like me that I do these openings and they do something whack n we both just blunder 20 times lol

  19. whats the difference between knowing the moves by heart and just plain using the computer or cheating in any other way. you didn't think of it yourself. that's what I don't like about modern chess. way to many preparations. reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandfather beat me with scholar's mate.

  20. Im rated 200 and lose 100% of games. I wish I knew how that was possible, but I am absolutely terrible at the game.

  21. The openings some of them is hard to memorize but it's worth it once you mastered it but not gonna lie I wanna teach my brother that kind of opening

  22. I got an interesting question how did people study before databases and maybe you should make a video on studying the old school way

  23. Im just properly starting to learn chess and i didnt know the vienna was an opening i play that one quite regularly i then follow knight f3, pawn d4 then bishop etc

  24. You seem angry and exasperated with less developed players for not being able to know the implications of every possible move when they don't have access to the engine during their game. ??

  25. The problem with opening is I learn them and then I play someone who doesn’t even know them. I feel like I’m learning them for no reason

  26. i like watching anna , seem to take less in though 🤔 but you , sir have a very aimiable style easy to listen too ,definetly not overbearing , and i can concentrate on your chess instruction 😅

  27. 12:24 interesting position , that as novices we are warned against multi pawn moves (just being devils advocote ) could explain the rartity of it

  28. that database is a cheat ppl gonna use that while playing chess online

  29. You’re very helpful but you go way too fast in your chess moves to follow

  30. I got caught up counting the seconds between each time you blinked

  31. Noobs, you are lucky that GothamChess exists.

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