How To Improve In Chess Instantly?

How To Improve In Chess Instantly?


  1. Thank God I found this channel ♥️

  2. Knigt g4 and queen take pown chekmate

  3. Wow, I see. Its all about getting space

  4. I think pawn h3 to stop horse to get to g4 and threaten mate with Queen and a Queen and rook fork

  5. This is the only chess shorts channel I enjoy watching.

  6. Interesting, I never thought of it like that, I just thought of playing on the side that their stuff isn't

  7. Disregarding everything you just said, I think they should play for section 2 because they have section 1 held down pretty well. Am I wrong? 😅

  8. wait… wait… you can do the en passant?!

  9. is this true when my most advanced pawn is on e3

  10. I feel like attacking on wherever the opponents king is where you should focus your attacks, open up the kings fort and pressure it.

  11. The left side, the most advanced pawn (c5) is there and also the queen controls a semi-open file
    White should play b4 to defend the c5 pawn from the e7 bishop and
    Then white could also play Nb5 to gain a tempo against the queen maybe, but I'm nlt sure about that one

  12. Never let them know your next move: this side

  13. This doesn't really work for the London system. You go d4 and then develop on the king side…

  14. I don't play like everyone does I do it differently and it works I put my bishops and my queen to a pin then I work my way to the middle and you know hat happens when 2 planets crash it explodes so that's kinda how I'm doing exept more mistakes :/

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