How To Evaluate ANY Chess Position

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A chess lesson for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. A good strategy to evaluate a chess position in 4 easy steps!

0:00 Intro
0:58 EXAMPLE 1
3:13 EXAMPLE 2
6:27 EXAMPLE 3
10:56 EXAMPLE 4
14:18 EXAMPLE 5

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  1. Today i missevaluated several variations and ultimately ignored them although they were all correctly calculated and in fact good according to the engine..

    It all came down to a knowledge issue.. i didnt know about the scandinavian defense (portugues variation) and it got so very complicated that i blew up everything on move 18.

  2. Wow we don't want to trade when we have the advantage. Learnt something new 🙂

  3. Protected passed pawn means protected by a pawn , not by a piece . One leads to a strong winning endgame feature , the other not so much

  4. Not to be a nudnik, but in game 4, where you're saying Daniel, I think you mean Jan. Daniel's got the Black pieces.

    Thanks for the lessons! Great stuff.

  5. Hey Levy how about a video on how to find the best move for classic chess. I have learned a lot of fundamental principles. But what should be my priority when I end up in a positions when I can apply more than one of them. I mean I'm a 1600, I'm not very good at calcualting variations so a video on that too would help.

  6. Very instructive. Now I just have to put these concepts into practice on a regular, to the point where it becomes second nature. I seem to get the most inspiring instruction from you and Naroditsky.

  7. 03:11
    Bxb4. axb4
    Bxc6. Nxc6
    Actually white is up a pawn
    Bxb4. Nxb4
    Bxa8. Qxa8
    And black has two pieces for a rock and a pawn
    So I don't get why black is better here
    Can someone explain this to me?

  8. That was a really really important lesson for me. I just missed this part. Thank you my sensei ^_^

  9. man I'm eating some delicious red beans and rice with cornbread right now.

  10. Very nice video
    If a tree falls in the forest you can prove it emitted sound if you put a radio there you can record the sound
    Or if there's a fragile piece of something that will break or move due to sound waves

  11. Still not so easy to think more than 3 moves ahead (and I am playing rapid, not even blitz). But not even a year since I started playing chess systematically and this is a great explanation.

  12. i thought my youtube was bugged WHY DOES THIS HAS SO MANY DISLIKES

  13. Why’s Hikaru’s elo 3251? I am new but isn’t that the ELO which caps at 2800?

  14. I just played a game as black black tried to attack my queen not seeing Qd2# now I'm terrified that I'm gonna do that myself now I'm trying to improve my positioning and planning

  15. I just did the search on how to analyze the chess position & come up with a few results. The first one, after listening for a minute, was the "best" which I closed down immediately whereas this coach shows & explains how it is done, energetically. Thanks. Subscribing to this channel.

  16. 2:50 Stockfish 15 knows better, actually. If you run it to depth 30, it says that the game is totally even, so long as white next plays b4. But Nd2 was just a bad choice, with an evaluation of -0.82 (also on depth 30).

    2:39 If you install it locally you can ask it for its no-depth analysis. It has a hand-written "classical" analysis and a neural-net one.

    The classic eval likes white's bishops and rooks (+0.73 total) but gives black the edge on mobility, threats and space (-1.22 total), which combined with some other things thinks black is slightly better (-0.36) overall for the midgame.

    The fancy NNUE analysis is more opaque, but somehow gives white a "Material" advantage (+0.54) and black a "Positional" advantage (-0.64).

    So overall, without going to any depth, Stockfish 15 NNUE thinks black is doing ever so slightly better here: -0.12.

  17. I'm sorry but why the hell is it telling me that this video has 45k dislikes and 18k likes…???
    I downloaded an extension, that's ridiculous. I don't think it's correct.

  18. Thanks for your incite here. But, when I see master players, including yourself by the way, playing online games, and supposedly explaining their moves to us lessor players, I NEVER here them talking about STRATEGIC requirements of a position. All I EVER hear them talking about is the possible tactical elements in the position. On top of this, the most disconcerting thing I hear is 'What can I play next…oh I don't know?'

  19. At 10:07, black has the option to play Bd2 which is the best move. But what is the point of Bg5 which drops the eval from +7 to -2 and suddenly black is the one who has the advantage??? I mean that's a blunder right?

  20. I wish all videos of yours and of others were as instructive! No one ever explains this, I want so many more examples. as this is something I can actually improve with, unlike game reviews

  21. plays the opening
    Stockfish:mate in 100 is avaible

  22. : learning how to make a plan
    : starts a match after watching the video
    : blunders queen in 1
    : Opens YouTube again

  23. Chessboard not visible writing on board is very bad

  24. this is the best trick to beat my chess classmates in Ches school😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  25. Why do you count material before you check on the King or does order not matter?

  26. why are so many of the comments positive but the video has so many dislikes

  27. King safety. The most important thing in any game of chess is your King's safety. …

    Material. Only after evaluating the King's safety can you be a true materialist and start to count the pieces. ..

    Piece Activity. …

    Structure and long term factors. …

    Space advantage.

  28. I really enjoy this kind of content. Nice video, Levy

  29. 15:45 "Because you're actually threatening to mate."

    It is in this very moment that I realized what the game of Chess is all about…
    It's a game about committing Adultery!

    The Queen is planning on leaving her weak King, and going to great lengths to mate with the opposing King. Both Families try to get in the way as much as they can, but that won't deter her. She is determined.
    And since the Queen is dead set on cheating on her husband, her Family has no other choice but jump in on the action and try to beat up the opposing King to prevent their Mother from mating with the enemy.

    I feel enlightened right about now.

  30. Imagine being called by the biggest chess youuber a "Random IM" 😢

  31. I always figured they had stockfish up on another monitor and were just reacting to how it thought the game was going.

  32. Hi Levy,

    Thanks for the instructional content!

    I play rapid 10 or 15 minute games.

    The evaluation, selecting candidate moves and sequences takes time for beginner/intermediate. Do you think it is better to practice with longer games or learn to do it quicker with rapid games?

  33. I do wonder what the value of the evaluation is during a game. You mention that you're constantly doing the evaluation while playing, and that matches other comments I've seen in other places. However, given that large swings are possible from seeing (or not) the right move, it seems calculating a score would be much less valuable than looking for the future prospects. Evaluation has an obvious purpose after a game, or before, while studying, but it seems like wasted cycles in-match.

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