How to CRUSH 2000+ ELO Players

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This video is part of an authorized speedrun on The ELO points will be refunded.

0:00 Intro and Game 1
5:09 Game 2 – Vienna Gambit
10:38 Game 3

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  1. At 9:16, what about the move Qd4 so you can then enter the king position with check with Qe3+ ?At 13:59, it could also be interesting Bxh2 followed by Qxg2 and threatening with Qf1. Obviously, Black cannot make three moves in a row, so it dependes on the White reaction.

  2. But how can i win just watching sm1 else play????

  3. She is my favorite character:) good job girl ❤️❤️❤️

  4. You explain a lot your thinking process and it's super helpful. Thanks!

  5. Hiii Alessia ………big fan… love your video

  6. I tend to play way to passive and end up in a closed position where I have no idea what to do. Alessia is so tactical from the start of the game. It's good to see how to open things up and put pressure on the opponent.
    I enjoy watching Alessia's games. I especially like how she shares her though process. Plus, she makes me smile.

  7. Fantastic Alessia, you definitely have a lot of aptitude and talent for this game. Your analysis is excellent, definitely keep up with it. You are a very strong player already with great chances to reach GM. I mean regular GM not WGM.

  8. Plz Make a video about the opening you used in your first game

  9. Alessia i am struck at 1200 elo how to progress make a vedio to reach 1500 ela

  10. I saw that bishop was hanging but you was calculating so I thought I may be stupid

  11. Amazin!! Now waiting for how to play this opening please

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  13. Wiil be waiting for the opening video. thanks.

  14. 2:38 but according to the engine he just had to take knight, not queen. c6 pawn can't move.

  15. The presentation is very interesting. And a beautiful smile.

  16. It's always difficult for Black to play aginst d4: too many possibilities for White (queen's gambit, London, Colle, Catalonian… and many more). Still have'nt found the ONE and ONLY way for Black to play against d4. Never heard about this Cf6 – Cc6 black oppening, but it's interesting. Look forward to your video about it

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