How to Checkmate with a Rook & King | Chess Endgame Basics, Strategy, Moves & Ideas to Win

Checkmate with a Rook & a King in the Endgame – In this chess tutorial, I will show you a simple step-by-step method to win this endgame quickly within 20 moves. The strategy is to use your rook & king to restrict your opponent’s moves, avoid stalemate and finally mate the white/black king on any side of the board. In this chess video, you will learn an easy & probably the best method to win the king & rook vs king endgame. Here are some basic tips:
1. Understand key concepts such as opposition, mating patterns, zugzwang & waiting moves
2. Drag your opponent’s king to an edge of the board by using the idea of restriction
3. If you have the opposition, you can mate him straight away with your rook
4. If you don’t have the opposition, play waiting moves & drag him to a corner
5. Follow with your king & avoid stalemate
6. And finally Checkmate your opponent with the rook within 50 moves to avoid a draw

0:00 Basic Chess Endgames – King & Rook vs King
0:18 King & Rook Checkmate Pattern
0:52 How to checkmate when the king is on the side of the board?
1:25 Zugzwang & waiting moves
2:32 How to drag the enemy king to a side of the board?
5:43 A Faster Way to checkmate
6:43 King-Rook Endgame Test – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Kc6 – Ka7, Rb1 – Ka8, Kc7 – Ka7, Ra1#

  2. How to defend if we have only rook and opponent have queen

  3. U got yourselves a subscriber from Pakistan after this video.

  4. Hi. Is it possible to escape from the opponent if I have only king the opponent is left only with rook and the king?

  5. Rook to b1 white
    King to a7 black
    King to c6 white
    King to a8 black
    King to c7 white
    King to a7 black
    Rook to a1 checkmate

  6. Puzzle solution-
    if ka5 then ra1 is checkmate
    Therefore only move black has is ka7
    We follow at knights distance by playing kc6
    Once again if ka6 then ra1 is checkmate therefore only move black has is ka8
    We play kc7
    Only move black has is ka7
    And ra1 is a beautiful checkmate

  7. This happened to me but I had two queens

  8. Wow
    I just draw a game right before I got the notification of this video

  9. Rb1
    If Ka5,Ra1#
    If Ka6,Ra1# So,Ka8

  10. Ans. to test
    Kc6 …..Ka7
    Kc7…… Ka7

  11. Answer to the rook endgame pattern: Rb1,If Ka5 then Ra1 is mate, If the king moves to a7 then Kc6,again if Ka6 then Ra1 mate, if the king goes to a8 then Kc7 and the black king is forced to move towards a7 and Ra1 is a checkmate.

  12. Thank you sir I was not knowing how to check mate with rook and king but now I know thxx to u

  13. Bro
    ….. Nice vid…. But make new vids fast pls
    …. ☺

  14. Answer Kc6 by white, then black has only Ka7,then white plays Kc7,black plays Ka8,now Ra5 is checkmate…….Thank you very much for the content

  15. Puzzle-
    1. Rb1
    2. If Ka5, then Ra1# is mate
    3. If Ka7, then Kc6, Ka8, Kc7, Ka7 (only possible safe square), finally Ra1# is mate..

    Thank You!

  16. 1.Kc6 Ka7 2.Rb3 ,if black king goes to a6 then Ra3 is a mate in next move. Therefore,Ka8 3.Kc7 4.Ka6 Ra3#

  17. 1. King c6 king a 7
    2.waiting move with rook (for example rook b4)
    If king goes back we give checkmate with our rook (rook a 4)
    If he goes to a8
    King b7
    Enemy king goes back
    Rook a4 is a checkmate

  18. yes my Friend is struglling with King Rook checkmate But i teach it then also he is struglling now i send this video my friend will give feedback after watching

  19. I learnt rook and king checkmate when I was in 3rd old good memories! ❤️❤️

  20. it is a new information thanks a lot

  21. Puzzle solution:
    If Ka5
    Ra1 is checkmate
    If Ka7
    Ra1 is checkmate

  22. I think he is just so awesome at teaching chess

  23. Please tell me the name of this chess app

  24. 2 solutions:
    Kc6!! Ka7 Rb4 Ka8 Kc7 Ka7 Ra4#
    b. (only the rook moves for white)
    Rb4!! Ka5 Rd4 Ka6 Rd7 Ka5 Ra7#

  25. Puzzle
    Rb1. If Ka5 then Ra1#. So he will go to a7 and we Kc6. In the next couple of moves he will be boxed in a corner and Ra1# will be beautiful checkmate

  26. Puzzle's ans
    First we move rook to b1
    Then if king a5 than rook a1 is mate and if king a7 then we follow him by king to c6 and then again if king a6 then rook a1 is mate , and if king a8 then king c7 and after king a7 rook a1 is mate

  27. Watching your good chess channel but still don't know how to play ches Is I am Future Legend?😂😂😂👍

    I wrote chess as ches but one who read correct is wrong 😂😂😂

  28. Please put how to play french defence tarash variation

  29. 1. Kc6 Ka7 2. Rb4 Ka8 3. Kc7 Ka7 4. Ra5 checkmate

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