How To Calculate In Chess

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How to calculate in chess. Super important lesson on calculation for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, or checkers professionals.

0:00 Intro
1:03 Beginners Game 1
7:52 Beginners Game 2
12:10 Puzzles
15:39 Intermediate/Advanced
18:48 Advanced Example 2
22:02 Advanced Example 3
24:15 Example 4
27:04 Example 5

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  1. Omg tysm gotham love u im playing much better i got 1000 rating now tysm🎉❤

  2. i think in the first intermidate game queen h8 then bxh8 then rxh8 is mate i think so ya

  3. opponent planning their opening while Hikaru plans checkmate

  4. Get ready for the headaches to begin guys. 😂

  5. "Takes, Takes, Takes, Takes, Takes" */Castle

  6. greywolf8320 is right
    I calculated so much and sacrificed the night for nothing
    Well I lost that chess game that I played on a board but in that tournament I still came 3rd and the guy who beat me came 4th
    That was a great feeling

  7. as a beginner chess player, this video was really helpful

  8. God, can't believe I never saw this when it came out. I gotta say this one gold. I'm just happy I could capture a lot of the lessons you wanted to transmit. Thanks.

  9. how do i get better at calculating my chess moves?

  10. Everyone in the comments are rated 1000 and up, yet im a 250 trying to figure out how not to be complete shit

  11. This video is legit, I’m still working on avoiding blunders. Thanks Gotham 🤙

  12. So HELPFUL and I ALWAYS watch to the end!!!!

  13. Levy:How to calculate in chess
    Me : just become hikaru😂

  14. Nice C2 boom 😂 let's just ignore that lol

  15. I'd love to play with u some day….if possible (I'm just 930)😅

  16. Hi Gotham bro , I am just 800 somehow defeated upto 1400elo no coach only videos from your channel as quide , "why cant we sack our queen on intermediate game first game – at h8 -forced take from bishop and rook to h8 mate".18.05 game – Like this comment if you saw this and Please guide me to improve my chess I am very dedicated I play chess 8-9hrs a day even as a software engineer.

  17. 1. What does opponent want
    2.Have any checks
    3.Have any captures

  18. I'm out of there…but thanks that was a good video Mr Gotham!

  19. I got to 1032 elo in 5 days and I'm very happy, now my calculation skills are being improved greatly because of Levy's tips. I love the way chess has such a disorganized organization in the right way to play and hope to be 1600 in a few weeks or months. Keep grinding everyone and just get better fr 😂

  20. Ye after 19:02 my 500 elo ahh didn't understand shiiit, i just sat there bamboozled by how the advanced level players play chess. compared to them I'm playing checkers

  21. After watching Levy's chess videos, my chess playing skills improved. From 480 to now 516 (i know it's not a lot) but with major wins. Learning of observations, calculations, pattern recognition, and necessary sacrifices. Thank you Levy for the lesson 🙏❤️

  22. 9:20 King can't move? Do you mean knight can't move? It seems to me that it's the knight that is pinned, not the king.

  23. Very educative video on thought processes. Thank you

  24. Great thing for me, a 500 to calculate for 30 seconds in a 1 minute funny bullet chess game

  25. I respect, and thank you for your content

  26. Just dont be like Gotham and you'll be fine guys. Its better to know nothing than knowing false information.

  27. Thanks so much I ama beginnner but trying to get the whole process

  28. Exactly the video I was searching for. Thank you.

  29. 8:00 Now this game begins with a Sicilian defense but at 670 there’s no such thing as a Sicilian defense. Bro destroyed over half of the chess community with one lune 💀

  30. Not me rated 1700 taking lessons for beginners 💀

  31. Now I’m intermediate player in chess. What should i do level up to anvanced player?

  32. As an educator, I really appreciate the intro letting the admin know the learning target before class begins

  33. Bro after i watched this i made my first brilliant move

  34. Levy slipping in chess is a mandatory subject for kids in Armenia lmao dead
    He is our anarchy chess GOD

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