How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Chess

Beginners in chess make plenty of mistakes in chess, and we’ve put together a list of just HOW to avoid the most common ones!

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  1. This is super random, but maybe someone finds it interesting: If you want to improve your pronounciation of the term "Zugzwang" (german = forced to move), pronounce the 'z's like a 'ts', as in the word "tsunami". 😊 (I know this bc I am german)

  2. are we sure the sample for lesson #1 ("don't move too many pawns") is relevant? white moves only two pawns, and their punishment of losing a queen was the result of moving their knight away, not moving too many pawns. (and FWIW white could have protected themselves by moving a third pawn, to block black's bishop)

  3. Pls Make the theme as same as in Learn chess with Dr wolf

  4. this dudes voice actually does things to me

  5. As a person who didn’t finish the video, thank you for this, so helpful!! ❤

  6. Brilliant in its simplicity, this video is useful and well-organized. Thank you!

  7. This was very good ultra beginner guide. Covers a lot i wish i was told when i first started playing.

  8. Or just use anal beads and pray u don't beat the best player .

  9. I wish people would say air instead of luft

  10. I've been a beginner for the past 30 years hahaha

  11. I rarely castle. I guess I should start doing that. I get a lot of wins, by back row checkmate, on people that do castle. This video is awesome.

  12. I don’t think castling early is that important. Waiting until your opponent commits their king to a side and then attacking is fine if you keep the king safe

  13. My man showing the complexity of he legal mate and taking for granted that begginers who hang their queen in the opening will know what a pin is.

  14. It is not so easy to control the Centre with a Black pieces! OK. I am a Noob. But not a beginner.

  15. Thank you. Please continue making more videos like this.

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