How To Analyze Your Chess Games

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In this video, I am showing how to analyze a chess game with a computer and learn from mistakes. This is a really important skill for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players as well. We take the game in 3 phases: opening, middlegame, and endgame, as well as practicality of computer suggestions and time management.

0:00 Intro
0:57 GAME 1 – RATED 1044
11:00 GAME 2 – RATED 1537
23:40 GAME 3 – RATED 2306

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  1. The engine recommending a lobotomy after watching my games.

  2. i found a mate in 5 with a rook and bishop sac and it didn't count as brilliant because I was winning 😢

  3. Congrats levy you just upgraded from master shifu to master oogway level!

  4. bro im drawwing arrows on ur videos all the time lmfao

  5. It sounds like Luci just has him at gunpoint, but it was a great game lol

  6. Me sitting here watching him tell me my 600 elo self that has several games without blunders and 60 + percent accuracy is actually good.

  7. I had a game once where I hung a rook and neither of us saw it and the rating went up and down because each move was a mistake or blunder

  8. Leave me alone today please I’m ok just leave me says:

    When I say the brilliant move I was on the verge of crying it was so good

  9. I saw that some times I miss the queen just casually waiting for me to capture so I analysis every move that I can take the queen and slay the queen in cold blood it just I will win after I got the queen the opponent will resign

  10. Hey levy, after watching your video on the londom system analysis, I was able to understand the strength of c3 d4 e5 pawn chain along with overwhelming attack of h4 pawn when the center is locked. Thanks man for the detailed analysis. Lovely content!

  11. Basically the computer rewards defensive players, & super geniuses who can play 5 moves out.

    If you are playing a 3 move out of line trap that isn't in the books. The computer thinks you're a stupid human.

  12. I was playing a game the other day and when analyzing it the engine said mate in 39

  13. i learned that you can still castle, even if the involved rook is under attack. i always thought that if either the king or the rook are under attack you can't castle. the more you know.

  14. The perks of the revewer being your boyfriend 😁

  15. Computer tells the best moves levy is scolding computer 😂😂😂🤣

  16. Best = Best
    Excellent = Good
    Good = It's a move alright.

  17. "What did White do wrong? Well, uhh in the Opening…White didn't go for the Vienna Gambit" – me at 650 using one opening as a crutch 😅

  18. love your videos! You inspired me to get better at this game

  19. “You cannot stop an avalanche with a horse”-Levi 2023

  20. When i put my games through a chess analysis app if i get a brilliant move icon i am very happy

  21. You: plays a move that sets up a good trap

    Computer: missed mate in 27, blunder

  22. Ive been having an issue where when i analyze one of my games, it only gives an analysis of my opponents moves. Someone know how to solve this issue?


  24. how can you let the game analyse every move with these icons on top of the figures???

  25. 26:50 why is castling legal here even though blacks queen is aiming at the 1st rank?

  26. the computer is like the smart kid when the teacher says "work harder" but they say that "work smarter, not harder." but i mean IS EVERYONE SMART YOU GOD DARN COMPUTER?

  27. This makes me feel better ,today i played my first brilliant move and after i saw the analysis i was shocked ,i had 3 innacuracies,0 mistakes,0 blunders,0 missed wins and 1 brilliant move ,it felt so good that i did a screenshot ,i was so proud

  28. Best video on game analysis that I have ever watched. Great vid.

  29. 18:25 isn't the mistake a bit deeper than that ? if you take the pawn you create a massive pin on the e pawn. pinned to protect your rook from being captured by the bishop and locking your bishop and/or queen to the diagonal of the other rook to not have the pin of a backrank checkmate. Pawn push now doesnt work and white have an idea of horse D4.

  30. Iirc stockfish considers white scholarsmate on black losing until M1

  31. im a 400 elo sacing knights and doin brilliants

  32. Now it isnt a brilliant, they changed how brilliant moves work…

  33. so when is it a good idea to go with what ever the engine says?! is it realy usefull to use stockfish analysis?

  34. levy my brother fell down and got seriously ingured

  35. The grand master you won't regret having a course with him….not only for his good ideas for his playing moves……. it's qlso for his teaching….. it's incredible

  36. Day 1 of telling levy that he's a great teacher

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