How To Analyze A Chess Game

In this part of the lesson with David Pakman, we played through a game and discussed thought processes and ideas. Hope it helps you all.

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  1. This was awesome I have a couple of my blitz/1min games on my channel

  2. who the hell watches a chess game and decides that is a good time to make anti-Semitic comments? the internet is a strange place.

  3. Hey Levy, great video! thanks a lot. i have one question. What where you gonna say "If hxg6…." would that be helpfull and how? thanks a lot again

  4. 5:48 so I dont know what I'm doing. Thanks for the constructive feedback Levy 😁

  5. When he missed the free bishop with check I nearly had a heart attack, but I guess it's always easier to see when I'm not the one whose king is under fire.

  6. I Liked the video even before I Watched it! : Thinking one move ahead.!

  7. I adopted the Vienna System already, and this Is actually a Grest video for learning!

  8. David Pakman is lying fool and a terrible chess player and a cheater – you guys are cheating here.

  9. U got to cheat n chess to learn let’s b real😂😂

  10. I've had Matza and I've had soup but I've never had Matza soup before, has anyone else tried it? What do you think?

  11. Black played brilliantly he made only one mistake which costed him the game

  12. That was really useful and educational. Loved the style of teaching…..

  13. Why would the other player's money need to be refunded? Are you allowed to bet on your matches at

  14. aahhhhh so this is why you appeared in my recommendation feed.

  15. This video really helped me understand certain things that I didn't even think to think about 💪💪💯

  16. Gran abordaje dé una partida real con análisis preciso y elaboración de planes gracias dé Cd Juárez Chihuahua México

  17. onlytoxic134: "Why do I hear boss music"

  18. 19:14 – Nooooo, what are you doing? How can you say Kb1 is his only move? Nxe7+ is totally winning. Free hanging bishop with a check. I also checked the engine before posting this so as not to have missed something obvious and it's by far the correct play (score +8.2 instead of +1.1). EDIT: Nevermind, I unpaused. LOL. Still, I think you've misled him a bit by saying that.

  19. Me before the video: a 30 minutes long chess video? nah~
    Also me after the video: More video like this plssss

  20. I would love to see more of this. Even though I'm just watching, this helps me tremendously. Are the admins okay with you doing this as long as opponents are refunded in the future?

  21. David Pakman? Nice. Two of my favorite YouTubers mixing it up like Reese's cups. Did you talk politics while playing?

  22. David is now 1270 after a year.

  23. The only time I've given my queen away on purpose is when any other move results in checkmate.

  24. My friend just told me this guy is still at approx 1100 elo as at today 12th of April 2022

  25. After Bg5 and Bxf6, Nd5 looks really strong.

  26. At the VERY least, any time it's your turn, checklist this mentally:
    – where can their pawns move
    – where can their bishops move
    – where can their knights move
    – What am I exposing moving my pawn
    – What am I exposing moving my bishop
    – What am I exposing moving my knight

  27. 35:58 Isn't Pakman spot on here? Pushing the pawn not only attacks the bishop but it's a discovered attack on the rook.

  28. 33:26 Can black just play king to f7 in this position? And after Rook f1 goes knight f5. And after Rook f2 black has a time for Queen C7. After white goes Rook d to f1 black could move the rook on b6.

  29. The way this guy thinks about chess and plays reminds me exactly of myself. I feel I have a pretty strong grasp on tactics and how to use the pieces to get a good position in my opening. And then it seems to all fall apart when I'm converting the middle game to a winning end game or trying to deliver a checkmate. It would be really nice if we could all get coached during live games. Because it seems like I'll watch videos on tactics or openings and being at the elo I am people play such dumb moves I don't know how to punish them

  30. In the post game analysis where the queen & bishop got forked, wouldn’t white’s best next move be g7 trapping the king completely?? This assumes black doesn’t move his bishop first, or even if he does?

  31. 15:12 that look there 👀 me gets the feeling Levy was haunted by a particular blunder he made 😂❤

  32. OMG pause it on 30:31 and check out Levy's expression

    That's the face of a teenager who's seen his first 🍈🍈

  33. i saw his profile dude he probably been played more than 10000games still he is in 1100 lol😂

  34. I don't like David Pakman as a political guy but I do think he would b a cool dude

  35. this guy is 1100? thinks more like a 750

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