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Chess Checkmate in 2 moves! If you want to learn new chess tricks and chess strategy, you came to the right place! When it comes to chess openings, the foolsmate ranks pretty high. Learn how to pull it off in under 2 minutes.

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Hi, Coach Russ here with Chess NYC. A very common question that we receive as chess coaches is what is the quickest way to win a game of chess? Now, everybody’s idea of the game of chess, that’s it’s a very long, strategic, thought out game, but surprisingly enough there is a way to win a game of chess in only two moves. Now, when we’re looking at the two move checkmate or also known as the foolsmate, it’s going to take a sequence of bad moves by the opponent to fall into this trap of only two moves.

Now interestingly enough the two move checkmate is going to occur on the black side checkmating white in two moves. So white is going to open up and play a move, F-4. As we can notice in this position by white moving their pawn to F-4 they’ve opened up their king’s diagonal exposing the king and creating a weakness. Black can simply open up and make space for their queen and bishop and this is black’s first move. White makes their second move further opening up the king’s diagonal and allowing for black to make their second move which is to bring the queen along the diagonal to H-4 and checking the king.

Now in chess when we’re in check we look for three ways to get out of check. It’s either to move the king, to block the check or to capture the checking piece. In this position the king has no safe squares to move. There are no pieces that can interpose or block the queen from checking the king and there are actually no pieces that can capture the checking piece or capture the queen.

So what has just happened is black has checkmated white in two moves and just to once again show you, white opens up making the move to F-4 opening up the king’s diagonal. Black plays the pawn up opening up the queen to make a direct threat on white’s king. White plays G-4 and black responds by bringing the queen out and making a direct threat to white’s king and leaving white with no option to run, block or capture and ending the game in only two moves.


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  2. thank you! I was just curious to know if there was such a thing as a two-move checkmate.

  3. yeah but you have to get your opponent to do it which is 1.01% chance that he will do it

  4. right but no person in their right mind would play f4 first move lmao

  5. Chanches are rare that white will open like that. White will most likely try to control the center of the board.

  6. Make all the jokes you want but I actually did this to my buddy a few years ago.

  7. I think not even a toddler would do this now in 2022…

  8. Now how about in 10 moves and only killing 2 pawns it is possible

  9. It's very simple game I can win it if there is a prince or princes in the chess I would kidnap him or her and say the opponent to surrender just like Indian masala movies I don't know now days people are playing chess like heros try to play like a Indian masala movie villain

  10. Internal injection truly here under God Louy$lugz says:

    I knew this was already here subscribed

  11. This is only work when someone is playing like that

  12. I'm playing chess online and someone fell for this trap I've been doing this year's ago before I even watched this video


  14. Looked up β€œcheckmate in two moves” because it features in the first episode of Hunters. Turns out it made one of the characters just bad at chess lmao

  15. When you play your 4 year old…and feel like a Grandmaster…

  16. This and your typical three move checkmate work great against beginners and really cocky arrogant tournament chess players.

  17. You can put the queen in front of the king

  18. I played this with my grandpa but before watching this video i found it myself

  19. I am Shocked to see that the opponent knows that the pawn moves 2 Square moves on the board. 😱😱😱😨😰

  20. I've never seen this happen in a real game.. ever.
    Amazed it's actually possible

  21. Why did they use this take. He messed up his talking multiple times

  22. Problem is that my friends are also watching this.

  23. feel bad for chess beginners just randomly searching for the easiest way to win 😭🀣

  24. This technic with the bishop is the best i defeated my uncle who i never defeated but he didnt notice the check and so i got my first w on a 16 yold

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