How I Went From 0 to 1700 Chess Elo in One Year

Are you a beginner or intermediate Chess player looking to improve your game and climb the rankings? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I share the best tips and techniques I’ve learned to gain Chess elo FAST and avoid plateauing.

It all started in January 2022 when I rediscovered the game of Chess through the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit. Instantly falling in love with the game, I dove headfirst into researching the best learning techniques online. Fast forward just one year, and I reached the top 1% of players on, surpassing 1700 elo.

In this video, I present 24 do’s and don’ts to help you reach your Chess goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate player looking to improve, my tips will give you the edge you need to climb the rankings and dominate your opponents.


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0:00 – INTRO
0:42 – 0-800 ELO
3:26 – 800-1000 ELO
5:37 – 1000-1200 ELO
7:53 – 1200-1400 ELO
10:01 – 1400-1600 ELO
12:27 – OUTRO

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  1. What the extension you see your winning percentage is called?

  2. when people get there in weeks they are skilled, when people get there in years they are dedicated

  3. i went from 500 to 1200 in 2 days and now I just blundering my queen against class players

  4. really well made video, im on the elo ladder grind and have been going up in the 1300s and i really enjoyed the tips

  5. I just reached 1000 about a week ago and I feel like my board vision or calculating skills are bad does any have tips?

  6. How to turn a losing streak around? From 1270 down to precisely 1200. I had a 70% win rate last week, this week 10%

  7. what's the name of the app you used that you can see your stats

  8. Idk why people emphasise so much on finding winning tactics. Like just watch some videos on different tactics then get to 2000 elo for tactics then just forget about it until you are 1500 rated, understand that winning tactics occur for your opponent when your make a mistake, and by having a bad position because you only know how to spot winning tactics but not knowing how to play positionally , your opponent is now going to play a winning tactic because your position is crap and it is essentially a mistake, so the only reason you win the game is because your opponent didn’t play the tactic and made a mistake (this could be a strategy but it’s unsustainable as it is gambling), don’t study that much for puzzles, get to a certain rating for puzzles, disregard it and start to learn positional play. ( tip for puzzles: watch videos on how to perform a specific puzzle and get the general idea before performing them, use custom puzzles to strengthen your weak puzzles before using random puzzles )

  9. I just have a few pointers as someone rated quite a bit higher.
    1. Benko gambit and caro kann will not help you progress quickly. They will slow you down if anything and youll have to learn the sicilian sooner or later.
    2. Do 3 minute puzzle rush. It really helps you spot tactics in time pressure and you get much more familiar with some easy tactics cuz lets be honest, up to like 2000 all of us hang pieces
    3. Learn the 2 bishopmate and if you can the bishop knight althought this isnt neseccary.
    4. Watch higher rated players play or analyze games. Even GTE has smth to offer because Gotham usually tells you what the best movw in a position is and even subconsciously it gets imprinted on your brain and when you see a similar position this move will come to mind very quickly.

  10. Im trying to beat my classmate because of the 1 game 😤😤😤
    (He good)

  11. Why your puzzle rating suddenly decreased at 2000

  12. it'd probably take me an entire life to 1700…congratz

  13. Thank you my man, this is exactly the type of relateable and digestable educational content we as a comunity need

  14. I started playing chess on January and I’m currently at 770 elo. I’m aiming to get 1.2k by the end of the year.

  15. me who played chess for 8 years and went from 2200 to 1100

  16. Bro this channel is literally in some kind of loop

  17. 1700 bullet is not a good perspective rating, your actual rating should be your rapid one, but if you have fide then it should be more accurate.

  18. Once I saw this video my mindset in Chess completely change and thank you for your good information

  19. Very good video! Just a little over 800 for rapid since I started in January, next goal is 1k for rapid! Is it worth buying premium membership to be able to do infinite puzzles even at a lower elo? I’m currently stuck around 1400 puzzles just doing free ones

  20. bro i need membership to play unlimited puzzles idk where else i would play puzzles for free

  21. Everyone says solve puzzle but I don't have money and to solve puzzles I have to buy membership. Is there any free place where I can solve puzzles

  22. Today I got a headache after playing Chess wth my Dad

  23. Did you get chess premium so you could play more puzzles?

  24. i actually did rematch my father who beaten me when I was kid an won

  25. bro i played blitz and i just went to 300 elo – 400 elo

  26. I only playing chess for 4 months and I am already 1600💀

  27. Video was education and entertaining. Underrated af. Subbed

  28. Been playing for 5 months, im stuck at 1600, my highest elo is 1580

  29. Check the king with the light squared bishop on d3 to put a discovered attack on the queen but the king has to deal with the check first so he's either goanna move or take and once he does any of those the rook takes the queen and we win the queen

  30. Bro no way you said year

    I 2000 elo in month

  31. 1,700 elo is insane, so you're telling me in just 365 days you managed to be equal to or even surpass someone like Andrew Tate who is said to be at that level

  32. Im at 1500 after 4 months on rapid. Hopefully I can get to like 1800 end of year

  33. The thumbnail seems like you copied it from michelle

  34. I'm at 1050. I play only Hippo. I find that opening very suit my personality. Hippo for life.

  35. I went from 400 to 1700 in 4 months thanks to levy

  36. I’m 1650 but that took me two and a half years😂

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