How I Went From 0 to 1700 Chess Elo in One Year

Are you a beginner or intermediate Chess player looking to improve your game and climb the rankings? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I share the best tips and techniques I’ve learned to gain Chess elo FAST and avoid plateauing.

It all started in January 2022 when I rediscovered the game of Chess through the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit. Instantly falling in love with the game, I dove headfirst into researching the best learning techniques online. Fast forward just one year, and I reached the top 1% of players on, surpassing 1700 elo.

In this video, I present 24 do’s and don’ts to help you reach your Chess goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate player looking to improve, my tips will give you the edge you need to climb the rankings and dominate your opponents.


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0:00 – INTRO
0:42 – 0-800 ELO
3:26 – 800-1000 ELO
5:37 – 1000-1200 ELO
7:53 – 1200-1400 ELO
10:01 – 1400-1600 ELO
12:27 – OUTRO

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  1. Bro pls make a video about your repertoire🦍

  2. bro exactly what I was looking for, tried searching for something like this but couldn't find much, but youtube recommends coming in clutch

  3. I went from 0 to 2100 in 3 weeks is that normal

  4. Where did he use the analysis on his game stats?

  5. I dont know if 0-1700 in a year is that good, but If I can get that in a year since im around 1000 rated id be extremely happy

  6. I started as 172 elo 6 months ago. And I'm 1157 rn 😀

  7. Bruh said dont waist money but bought gothamd thingy

  8. Summary Of The Video:
    0-800 Elo :
    #1 Solve Puzzles
    #2 Watch Educational Chess Content
    -Recommended YT channels
    #3 Play Basic Openings(Don't Play Sicillian As A Beginner)
    -As White Play London System
    -As Black Play Caro-kann Defence

    #1 Don't Play Bullet And Blitz
    #2 Don't Worry About Winning Or Losing
    #3 Don't Spend Money On chess
    800-1000 Elo:
    His Daily Routine:
    -30 min Puzzles
    -2-3 Rapid Games
    -Watch Educational Videos
    #1 Analyze Your Games Afterwards
    #2 Look At Your Opponent's Threats After Each Move

    #1 Don't Memorize Opening Moves instead Learn The Principles Of Opening
    #2 Don't Worry About Learning Theoretical EndGames
    #3 Don't Get Frustrated For Slow Progress
    1000-1200 Elo:
    #1 Solve Puzzles In The Correct Way (Solve for Accuracy Not For Speed)
    #2 Start Learning Endgames
    #3 Watch Daniel Naroditsky

    #1 Don't Play While Tilted
    #2 Don't Study Too much (At The End It's Just A Game)
    1200-1400 Elo:
    #1 Learn The Middle Game Plan In your Openings
    #2 Know All Traps In Your Openings

    #1 Don't Study too Much About Openings
    #2 Don't Only Play Gambits And Trappy Openings
    1400-1600 Elo:
    #1 Buy Chess Courses
    #2 Advanced 2500+ Rated Puzzles
    #3 Look From Your Opponent's POV

    #1 Don't Move Without Any Plan
    #2 Don't Fixate on One Single Tactic

  9. How do I get better I am only 2100 I want a title

  10. I’ve been playing for a year but I don’t really study. At most I watch games from gms and stuff like that. I don’t watch Gotham. I don’t play too much, sometimes skip a week or a month without playing and I’m 1300 in rapid. When I would analyze my games though most say I play like 1450 and they’re a good amount that I play like above 1800… it’s kinda cool but I do wish I was higher rated. I can basically beat everyone at my school so far and like the next best player is like 900. 2200 puzzles. 1.1k both blitz and bullet. I would say though that I never really had a gradual increase in rating. I got three big jumps from 600-800, 800-1100 and 1050 to 1350 all in a single day. They happened because those days I was just in the mood to play chess the whole time. Consisted of a ton of puzzles a lot of bullet and transition into rapid. Both 800-1100 and 1050 to 1350 jumps in a single day were actually like a night. I went from like 10pm to 3am on the 8 to 11 and 4 hours for the 10-13

  11. Nice stuff bro, its taken me about a year and a half but we've had pretty similar chess journeys. Good luck in the future.

  12. Thanks a lot for taking the time to post this video

  13. 3:20 but isn’t puzzles limited to some number a day? At least in mobile version they are, and web version is banned in my country. Is there any good app or site where I can do puzzles?

  14. My elo is 500 and I have been playing for an year. How do I improve in chess?

  15. I agree with everything except playing the Sicilian. I got incredible win rate against 400+ rated opponents just by defending. If you like defending then I recommend the Sicilian as your pawn structure will be superior if you defend successfully.

  16. U studied chess for a couple hours a day?? People code for a couple hours a day to learn how to be a professional software engineer to make 100k. It’s not “only” a couple hours a day.

  17. You’re so right about the puzzles. I watched no videos on YouTube, learned no book openings, and only understood the basic concepts like control the center and develop. I got to around 1500 on the puzzles and I immediately knew how to play and win games 😂

  18. im 1300 and its taken a looooongggg time. My biggest problem is my ego, when my opponent plays fast or seems to stuff my attacks I tilt really easily. It's like they know I am rageing haha

  19. Me: can beat my uncle and my dad

    Me playing against others: How am I loosing

  20. Puzzles are for the weak, play like a sigma watch Gotham and play the game that's all you need the road might get longer but it'll be one hell of a trip
    Plus you will always know in your heart the only people who helped you grow are you yourself and the GOAT Gotham.

  21. I heard "put ur book down , go have some fun"

    I am following those lines seriously❤

  22. Why not play the Sicilian defence??? 😢

  23. My doofus brain didnt know how to win the queen😂😂😂😂😂

  24. How did you analyze all your games such as your openings and your win rate . Is it in lichess ?

  25. March 17 2023 i had 550ish elo
    On start of july i had 1297 elo playing 2-3 rapid games a day on average(sometimes used to play 4-5)
    Currently in usa for my studies and havent played much since july
    im planning on continuing soon and agree on Sensei Daniel 😉

  26. That’s a very low rating for one year
    You need to be atleast 2300

  27. I am playing only for a month and I am already 1400
    This dude should quit chess
    You need to be atleast 2300 at one year

  28. What are your tips playing as black against d4?

  29. I went from 400 to 1600 in 7 months but I'm having to play less because of school and other commitments

  30. The position at 11:59 is not an unstoppable checkmate, and white is, in fact, winning.

  31. yoooo, what do you use to analyse ur winrates with black d5, e5, and white?

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