How I Think During A Chess Game (3 Full Games)

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0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Game 1 Live
11:22 – Game 2 Live
21:35 – Game 3 Live
31:54 – Game 1 Thought Process
43:58 – Game 2 Thought Process
52:29 – Game 3 Thought Process
1:00:24 – I need your help

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  1. this was brilliant, would like to see this for at again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I liked that Nelson played those games silently since it actually helps to concentrate on the game but some kind of small reactions like "I'm gonna do this now for reason 'x'" or reacting emotional like "i missed that" or "hah won a pawn!" might help some of us to stay entertained and focused, especially the beginners might have no idea about what's going on in some of those complex positions. I can imagine some losing focus or being disencouraged after the first game because they didn't quite understand what was going on and worst case just skip through the actual games straight to the analysis to get an explanation about the games without actually watching them.

  3. Maybe share one or two thoughts with us during the game play – not a lot but a bit.
    Also I would like to see the analysis right after a game was played.
    I also prefer slightly longer games so that thinking is not penalized as much.

  4. I really loved this video this is definitely the type of content I wanna see on this channel. I will say I am not sure what seeing you play the games first really added to the video.

    Only other suggestion I could make is maybe having some other tie in idea for which games you select to showcase. Maybe itโ€™s an instructive game on a specific opening or maybe it shows examples of some good tactics. Stuff that can make the content more engaging and probably will help get out a good title and thumbnail

  5. Longer time controls like 15 + 10 or 10 + 0 would be better to use for us to see how the endgame plays out. The wins in the video were time loses,.

  6. Yes I agree with guys here go for longer such as 10 min.

  7. Thanks for sharing your thought process. This will help creating fantastic attacking ideas such as the pawn storm in the 3rd game.
    You once did a video on the scotch gambit. So I was kinda surprised you said you did not know a ton of theory about the scotch game which I feel is just a slight deviation from the scotch gambit.
    Nevertheless I appreciate your honesty which is one of your strong character traits.
    Please do a video on the scotch game.
    Thanks a million ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  8. I like this format a lot, but I noticed that I went to the comment after each live game
    So personally I'd prefer to have game+comment three times, rather than 3 games 3 comments
    Anyway thank you for the video.

  9. These are my favourite types of chess videos – no changes needed. However, judging by experience of watching other YouTubers with similar content, these videos will never get as many views as your puzzles and challenge videos. I guess it makes sense as not as many people have an hour to spend watching a chess video.

  10. Excellent video. Maybe sometimes 'longer" time games like 15 mins? Can even see more levels of thoughts of a good player. The silent gameplay can be sped up of course:)

  11. Great video! I also liked watching the gameplay, but I'd suggest that you analyze each game immediately after playing it so that it's still fresh for the watcher. Love your videos, thanks for making them!

  12. Nelsi is so nice allowing us to feel free and go ahead to the analysis……i needed h is permission first ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Will you PLEASE stop making the moves before they happen!!!??

  14. How many moves are you normally thinking ahead

  15. Very nice second game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  16. Please try to make more these types of videos, it is super helpful for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I'm not a fan of blitz or other time crunched games. Maybe you could do a single 10 minute game and then analysis afterward so we can see true end games. An hour video is pushing it on length. So a 10 minute with analysis gives you length for monetization and can do several of these for increased content quantity.

  18. can you explain how to think during classical games? I am still young and I dont know how to use my time in classical games.

  19. I like this format. Lets us try to see the position and what you will do, then later we get the thought process. Very valuable IMO.

  20. On 7:00 u missed queen h6 check getting the rook

  21. Good to see I'm not alone in getting into time trouble ๐Ÿ˜‚

  22. I'll watch every one of these videos that shows up in my feed. I'd recommend alternating time formats and see what works. I really like 10+ minutes with increment to have more end game content. It's a little unsatisfying for me while I'm learning to have the end game be handwavy and chalk it up to time scramble. I also see the benefits of see more games and ideas with blitz time controls. Playing different rating ranges is also really good content.

    With 10+ minute time frame it may be difficult to be silent the whole time. You could try having a little bit of commentary during the gameplay like whether or not you like the position, small things that you're keeping track of, etc. That way in the analysis you can go deeper, small commentary wouldn't distract your time management, and fills in the dead air

  23. I would like you to play a longer game (30 min +). This would give you time to explain your thought process during the game.

  24. Hi, these kind of videos are the best that I've seen so far from you. Thanks!

  25. As someone who is 1600 learning studying and doing tournaments. I enjoyed this style the most. I get to think watch and see how much of my thoughts are correct or wrong after the analysis. It's great for players who are learning and can play a bit

  26. First game you had qh6 to win the rook with your bishop.

  27. omg i saw the move Qh6+ during the first game ! I feel so good about myself !!!

  28. @37:58 itโ€™s a blunder because you can win the room on h8. Queen h6 check, if pawn g5 you take for check again, bishop takes rook on h1.

  29. I did notice the queen move in second game, soo proud of myself, as 1200 guy). Nice format, I would do those half of the time.

  30. How about switching the time control to rapid? Also rather than all games first and then the analysis, how about you analyze each game as soon as it ends?

  31. Yep, I liked it too.. you have your own unfettered thoughts for comparison.. excellent format imo.

  32. The presentation was fine. The only place I can think of that you could look for pointers would be watching the TV feeds some of the platforms have and listening to the commentators.

  33. Hi Nelsi, big fan here. I'd love to see more of these. Very helpful for 1100 learning to play.
    Personally (a) I don't mind that you analyze afterwards (ii) I'd rather not see the uncommented game (iii) I'd rather you play games with slower time control because the analysis of a game where you get in time trouble is less interesting. Keep them coming!

  34. Maybe play 10/10 when you can comment on ideas in the opening a bit more. For some reason you miss tactics a lot.

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