How I Cheated To WIN

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  1. It was great watching it. You didn't cheat you had ideas.

  2. the enemies were cheating if you followed Hikaru suggestions

  3. If Hikaru is making all the moves and you just the hand it might as well be hikaru 1v2 someone with extra steps

  4. Finally, no more milking Magnus WAIT IS LEVY GOING ON TO MILK HIKARU?!

  5. As long as your partner isn't chatGPT, you'll be just fine 😅

  6. That chess hustler who called you a clown would agree with that meme picture

  7. Levy wasn't even moral support, he was just there to move the mouse 💀

  8. Levy cheated magnus 😭 not mentioning him in the video 😅

  9. You should organize a stockfish life lines chess tournament!

  10. Levy trynna act like he is motherfxxin' humble

  11. i feel like levy always insult himself and it's not good at all

  12. This is the built in flaw to the competition and why I was disappointed in it after being excited about it at first. My solution would be no talking and each teammate rotate making moves. Gotham makes first move Hikaru makes second, so you guys not only need to figure out what your opponents are trying to do, but also your teammate.

  13. Yes levy one day you and hikaru will be a team of GMs

  14. bro really wants to get his ass an Hans treatment

  15. Hey Gotham Shilo and bros did a chess number 2 of chess in real life and you will hear what someone says

  16. If hikaru is assigned to you in a tournament with fair teams their just saying your ass💀☠️💀

  17. "there is nothing we can do its a draw" -Hikaru Bonaparte

  18. Imagine magnus and fabi played together 😢😢

  19. Damn Hikaru is lucky mini Magnus carried him

  20. Levy is just holding the flashlight to hikaru (the dad) fix the things

  21. gotham should be a GM he is one of the best im in the world in my opinion


    (Dont get me wrong i love magnus as much as he does)

  23. Rare video of levy not mentioning Magnus Carlson

  24. "There's nothing we can do" Napolean 1805 and hikaru 2024

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