How chess are made ||These workers make money by making chess sets

in this video make money by making chess sets and how its made chase set
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  1. This is slave labor … I would not buy such set ..

  2. So satisfying just even watching how they make the chess sets

  3. HOW les cancers du poumon ARE MADE mdrr!

  4. Semoga para pekerjanya hidup makmur.

  5. Epoxy fumes and absorption thru skin and inhalation of stone dust – a great life lengthening combination

  6. The lathe operator's precision is like he's holding a pen.

  7. In the evening, they can make one more chess piece just once they cough.

  8. Watch out when buying one as they will hot glue messed up pieces together and try to hide it.

  9. And then you try to take this set to the plane… 😂

  10. It’s a shame the business owner doesn’t invest in the safety of these workers. No respirators, steel toe shoes, safety glasses, or ear plugs. This savings allows the business to sell a less expensive product. The real shame is on the consumers who buy these cheap products.

  11. Cool set, what is the price, for one of those masterpieces?

  12. Ужасные условия труда. Капитализм

  13. Would have liked to have seen how they made the Knight!

  14. Wow, just wow. Bought one of these sets in Greece ages ago, nice to see how it's made.

  15. i just hope they have healthy lungs awareness. All those dust.. Please wear a proper mask

  16. You should provide them mask 😷 and shaft equipment to be use…..

    The deserve it

  17. Pulmonary fibrosis guys, you don't wana get it and die.
    It's enought that you wear at-least a peace of cloth over ur mouth and nose while working with dust.

  18. The setup of the pieces in the thumbnail makes me feel very uncomfortable

  19. And we are here in which country please ?

  20. If you've ever tried to freehand a ball on a lathe you know how insane it is to do it 16 times and have each one close to the same size.

  21. The super precision the machinist did with lathing the pieces amazes me.

  22. I wanted to see the Knight getting made.

  23. This is just sad, they work so hard, are so talented and get paid in peanuts. That chess set probably costs 500 atleast.

  24. El trabajo es impecable, pero las condiciones en que trabajan los operarios y artesanos es deplorable

  25. I expected workers working in open-toed sandals but I didn't expect chess pieces to be made individually by hand without cams or templates. It's obviously not a comfortable workplace, with dust all over and no masks. I'm impressed more than anything that they can last a whole day under these conditions. The next time I play chess, I'll certainly be thinking of these unsung heroes who produce such items at (probably) low wages.

  26. Wonder how many have respiratory or lung disease??

  27. Remarkable, touching, awesome. Even beautiful.

  28. Those poor guys inhaling all that dust. I think the stone they are machining is soapstone (aka talc) which often has asbestos in it.

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