Hikaru Nakamura sits down with commentators after his huge statement win over Magnus Carlsen in Armageddon at Norway Chess Round 7.

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  1. the confession booth is an awesome idea, and Hikarus take on it is very thoughtful

  2. Hikaru is happy most because Magnus is annoyed with his defeat

  3. He wasn't thrilled he said multiple times that he only cared about winning in classical as Magnus has 2 whites as opposed to his 2 black. Pretty sure he actually said he won "the clown fiesta." Nice try though.

  4. To me, this is the best chess event/production ever. The players, format, confessionals, commentary, is all the best. Really grateful to watch it 👍🏻

  5. Come on guys we’re not going to act like these African American guys aren’t hustlers that cheat to win.. you go to any country and there’s always those random group of Africans/african-american that are just up to no good trying to boo-bazzle people out of money

  6. Hikaru reminds me of young Sheldon Cooper.

  7. Explain how “African American” is racist

  8. The confessional booth is unsportsmanlike and cheating. Shame on Norway Chess and any tournament that allows it. Total carnival scene.

  9. the lady wears the same clothes since a month XD

  10. I would have loved the troll if Hikaru said "chess speaks for itself" haha

  11. Lol, I love that Hikaru even further explained what he meant with the "African American guys" comment. It's alright man, there's a culture there in New York parks, nothing wrong with referencing it Hikky. Makes me think of "Searching for Bobby Fischer" with Laurence Fishburne… Great movie.

  12. The game was super exciting! I love Hikaru! 🔥

  13. The african americans in washington park making crazy moves! Lol

  14. Great to see so many sponsors and so much interest, chess is getting bigger 🙏

  15. I really like this format, double round robin with armageddon when it's draw. Goodbye to any players who likes to draw their games. LMAO

  16. He actually specifically said he wasn’t that thrilled and they were making too big of a deal out of it

  17. Brillant interview by Hikaru and everybody decent never play hustle game against A.A. they're just not honorable.

  18. the ego of Hikaru is bigger than ever congrats though

  19. 3:22 “You know what I’m talking about right” bro realized this might be a clip and wanted to explain himself😂

  20. Hikaru is an African American chess player now.

  21. "Ang Taba Na Ni Master HIKARU/WiTH MAGNUS.

  22. Well, turns out Magnus is human after all, lol.

  23. Hikaru is too funny.. man's living life on the edge lmaooo

  24. At 4:42 after Qb3, why wouldn’t Magnus play Na5 and hit white’s queen?

  25. Gotta unsubscribe. It really takes a lot of joy away from my viewings, when you spoil the results on this and that in your videos. Truly a shame.

  26. Flagging is the only way Hikaru can beat Magnus😂😂😂😂

  27. Hikaru played so well
    Don't blunder next time 😅

  28. There is no comma and full stop in Hikaru's dictionary!!

  29. Hikaru is hilarious! He is slowly turning into my second favourite Super Gm of all time

  30. it hurts how low IQ the marketing manager of this YT channel is

  31. It was Armageddon Magnus had 7 minutes while hikaru had 10 mins

  32. Hikaru should apologize to the African American community. All African Americans don't cheat at chess! This is not funny but tragic for World # 2 to accuse an entire ethnic group of dishonest behavior.

  33. What does everyone mean that Magnus “flagged”?? I don’t understand what that means lmao

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