Hikaru Nakamura Teaches The Art of Chess Tactics | Master Chess

Hikaru Nakamura gives a master class on how to solve a tactics puzzle in chess from start to finish.

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  1. Anybody else thought that this video will be an announcement from Hikaru that he join the masterclass series…

  2. GM Mr.Hikaru Nakamura is the reason I play chess during my spare time.

    These are the takeaways I got from this video:

    1. Before making a move, it’s very important to know what pieces are left on the board and where they’re currently positioned.

    2. Before making a move, I must get a clear picture of what happens if I move a piece to a certain square. The goal is to make sure my king stays safe and I have a good
    approach to attacking my opponent’s king in hopes to get a checkmate to get the win.

    3. Always be on the lookout for openings to threaten the opponent’s king

    4. Never rush a move without a clear picture of what’s going on (not only is this a bad habit, it is the root cause of blunders).

    5. Do not focus on just one area on the board. I have to know what’s going on on all sides of the entire board to know how to protect my king and attack my opponent’s king.

    Learning from Mr.Nakamura really helped me fix bad habits and improve as a chess player. Subscribing now.

  3. Guys, this is MasterChess and not MasterClass. MasterClass is trademarked already!

  4. Jus take take take take take and win, instruction unclear, blunder queen on 5 move

  5. In puzzles. I dont know if i have to checkmate or win a piece. 😆

  6. I don’t know why I watch this. I get so excited feeling I learned something. I assure you , I’m getting forked non stop by knights.

  7. People disliking this video like they can beat hikru

  8. can anyone tell me the song on the intro and outro?

  9. Legendary chess “Streamer” 😅
    He calls himself a steamer but for me he’ll always be one of the best chess players in the world.

  10. Hikaru has gotten so strong that he already forgot how to be weak

  11. As a rather late learner primarily focusing on tactics I could use more of this ! Thanks

  12. “Battles are won by strategy not tactics.”

  13. Even watching this, I feel like King defense moves are the hardest kind of puzzles the ones where you have 3-4 choices and all but 1 result in a mating net.

  14. He’s solving the puzzles before I even see all the pieces on the board 😵‍💫

  15. This intro can be used to show games too! Where the intros ending is 2.Ke2

  16. You could put that music in the background of a fart joke and it would still sound profound.

  17. Random nuggets that help you get better "I got some spaghetti just sort of to tide me over…" 🤣 Great video Hikaru!

  18. I really appreciate people like Hikaru and Levy sharing their knowledge with us in such enjoyable and personable ways. Thank you for this and I look forward to more!

  19. bitcoin is a opportunities Cryptocurrency is the future, Bitcoin presicely..

  20. Please give your editor a raise! That intro was fire.

  21. This is the series I’ve been waiting for mate @gmhikaru

  22. Why is it I can solve chess puzzles like these with comparative ease but I'm 1500 on a good day? Ya, probably because I hate studying opening theory so I get myself in trouble that I can't get out of 9 out of 10 times against players who DO study opening theory. I rarely have more than 3 "book moves" to start a game. :-/

  23. “I got some spaghetti” in the intro shouldn’t have made me laugh as much as it did

  24. Funny how the best players in the world are terrible teachers. It goes for so many disciplines. Hikaru is no exception

  25. Hikaru saw Kasparov’s MasterClass and was like “imma do that, but better”

  26. Hikaru I'm curious to know what would be a best practice or way to remember the board. Or is that something that comes later after a certain ELO. Ty for ur time and sharing ur knowledge 😌

  27. In puzzle 47 Nd4 isn't winning because white has an extra tempo to move their king closer with Kd2 and stop black's pawn

  28. I was so ready for a masterclass. Wasn't expecting a beginner's course! haha

  29. I like the way GM Hikaro teaches us tactics and tactical ideas .GM Hikaro is one of the best chess legends and has very tactical sharp mind .

  30. …Until Magnus comes by and corrects the mistakes of Hikaru.

  31. i find it can sometimes help when i quietly anticipate the next 86 consecutive and perfect moves of the game

  32. Feeling proud of myself for understanding Hikaru loads more than i did a year ago. Thanks for the ride ❤️

  33. King nakamura torches opponent before he kills you love from India 🇮🇳

  34. "eww Un peasant" says HIkaru like a Middle Ages Lord

  35. It's the moment when you realize you just spent 41 minutes on a video and it passed like seconds for me

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