Halosar trap explain in telugu | Chess opening tricks to win fast | Chess tricks and traps

Traps and tricks for chess players to become a champions in chess game

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1) How to play chess game in telugu
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2) Legal’s mate trap
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3) Fishing pole trap
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  1. అలా కాకుండా రాణి సైనికున్ని చంపితే

  2. In 1st match the queen was going back to normal place. What to do now

  3. Bro..wat a trick mind blowing
    I won huge matches only for this trick

  4. In castling The rook and king has 3 blocks between them so we can't do castling

  5. Last 2 week I am playing chess but I came some tricks this video is useful for beginners so veer thanks

  6. Bro chess lo mantri kadha vuntadu. Rani vuntadhi ani chepthunnv🤔 Raju ni Rani save chesthundha👻

  7. Wowww just super bro .. elanti video kosamey chustunna

  8. Bro aa board reverse lo undhi dhanni marchu appdee artham avthundhi match

  9. Last white explain wroung
    knight missing

  10. sagam cheppi vadhilestaventy bhayya. ikkadnuchi win avvachu antunnav .ela win avvalo kuda cheppali ga. Endhayya idhi sagam Peg yesinodila .Full peg vesko bhayya

  11. anna muru chess queen and king ni wrong petaru see anna

  12. Row in last move you can move the p a w n

  13. Nice bro
    I watch regularly ur chess videos..
    Any number to cal u

  14. Black take how to win can u explain trik

  15. Anti anna black pices ni padukopettavu white picee laga kadha vundali🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  16. Bishop ni vantey antaru manthri kadhu

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