Grandmaster’s Guide: ATTACKING in Chess

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  1. This content shouldn't be on a kid-friendly site like Youtube.

  2. Eric you take the smallest sips of your drink, and it may be the cutest thing ever

  3. Can someone please explain the first attack? I’m confused as to why the guy gave up.

  4. This video would have been way better if the shitty club music wasn't there…

  5. You ever get you look like the brother from Good Luck Charlie?

  6. expected a tutorial of how to attack and it was a dancing lesson

  7. 5:16 how can a grandmaster fall for something like this wth

  8. Maybe noob question since I am only 1100, but why did black resign at 9:40?

  9. What’s the name of the ending song of all your videos?

  10. You only give guiding title like how to tactic or how to attack or how to do anything .. and when we click and open the video its just u playing without any kind of explaination its kinda lame

  11. I’ve never before seen better dance moves

  12. What’s up chessbrah big fan watch you guys all the time. I have a question how do I get better in chess I’m not good but I do know how to play. My rating is between 1000-1100 and kinda stuck with that score. You got any tips.

  13. "How to attack" – doesn't explain how to attack

  14. woahh that Kh2! move was so deep, to a beginner's eye it looks like a waste of time but after Nf7 it becomes clear how awesome the move is.

  15. The checkmate setup on the first game was fucking ace.

  16. I'm having trouble understanding why the third match, the opponent resigns when the rook takes f7?

  17. Ok, if I had a bad day (or if I play drunk), my rating is easily 500 lower than when I have a good day (being sober included, lol). So even 2900 can be 2400 at the right moment.

  18. You have "Guide" in the title. You have "How to" in the title. And yet, the video is just you streaming chess games. If you are going name something "guide" and say "How to" then maybe you should actually guide people and explain how to do whatever it is you are doing. Misleading, doesn't even begin to explain it. 3:50 "What am I doing" about sums it up. I don't know what you are doing because you fail to explain anything in your "guide" video. I gave you till 7 mins. That's 50% of video and nothing was said to support your title. Sad thing is you play really good. I'm mean shit your a GM. Of course you play good. I don't see the reason for the clickbait title.

  19. Thanks for the Enjoyable higher level chess, but for the love of God please post a warning or public service announcement before you describe your play with another man as “tickle his pickle” and before you bust out those cringe worthy dance moves.

  20. 😡😡😡unable to download 😡😡😡😡

  21. i’m obviously not a GM and he prolly had to but watching the second guy sack his queen for a knight and bishop hurt.🤕

  22. Eric takes a lot of schmidt from people. That Hikaru thing was so ridiculous lol. Eric you're gold. Keep it up!

  23. Guys I don’t get this why he eat that pawn with his rook on 9:33 ?

  24. Dude out of all the streamers I watch on youtube, I always like your games the most. Very interesting and instructive how you deal with these crazy closed positions and the subtle maneuvers involved.

  25. Incredibly misleading video. There’s no guide. What are we supposed to learn from this?

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