Grandmaster Pia Cramling Chess Opening Class: The Italian Game

This chess opening masterclass by Grandmaster Pia Cramling demonstrates the slower lines in the chess opening family of the Italian game. Stay tuned for part 2, which describes a few more tactical lines. Subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any future videos. Also, drop a comment down below of what you thought of the video, I try to answer as many as possible!





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Thumbnail Photo – Lars O.A. Hedlund

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  1. This may sound weird, but i can see why Anna’s dad married Anna’s mom

  2. Its amazing that through youtube i can get a Lesson from a grandmaster for absolutely zero cost thanks guys

  3. What lovely persons they are the Cramings !

  4. Always a pleasure to watch Pias analysis 😉

  5. They are amazing!! Love to see you playing

  6. Buen vídeo anna , sube una segunda parte ,saludos…

  7. Great!
    I was waiting for this!
    Thank you Pia!

  8. just give her own series and episodes already

  9. Esta chica Ann Cramling, tiene un carisma increíble.

  10. I love the dynamic. Pia is the most calm, soothing person ever. Anna is the most energetic, bubbly person ever.
    And Pia, as always, thanks for the wealth of knowledge that you share.

  11. A smart and calm Grand Master with her energetic, charismatic and not less smart daughter. The perfect tandem to take chess lessons with. Keep it up, Anna and Pia!^^

  12. Thank you, Anna and Pia, for the amazing stream. Italian was my main opening when I was a teenager. You have brought up so many memories. Pia is a lovely teacher. Thank you so much again.

  13. Not eccited since had heaphones on. Arghhh

  14. Hi, Pia. I remember you from Cuba. Nice to meet you again!

  15. I dont understand alm Pia says but its a great explanation. Do this with another begginings please. Its like attending to an chess university.

  16. 1:48 No offence grandmaster, but I rarely see any current top players play e5 against e4.

  17. Anna estás muy delgadita 😁 y me encanta tu entusiasmo 😊 las 2 estaban en cuartos contiguos? 😂 la hubieras invitado a tu cuarto 🤣 buen video, ayudará a mejorar mi juego 😉👍

  18. imagine anna having kids and they call pia grandmaster instead of grandma

  19. Ver una clase magistral de este tipo dada por la Gran Maestra Pia, leer sobre su trayectoria, conocer la trayectoria del Gran Maestro Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez e imaginar sus clsase de entrenamiento dan una visión de cual será el exitoso futuro de la Maestra Anna

  20. Brilliant channel and GM Pia C here…. all bow to the GM

  21. Pia is nice but Anna has a serious case of adhd

  22. Interesting. I'll have to watch later. I hate the Italian, never play it as white and always play the Rousseau gambit as black to try to escape it.

  23. I remember when Pia played with Queen odds on a site called Gamecolony she would just demolish their top players (1800-1900), I've played against Pia, Bellon and Anna. Pia is cautious, ultra-solid that never missed tactics and always played some sort of sicilian taimanov and Bellon was like a Fire-storm that just made you feel like on a receiving end of a Morphy Miniature when I played Anna she must've been like 8/9 and I was around 1900 and she didn't fall for any of my tricks and I lost :/ Fast forward 10years later I'm a FIDE master and ABC is an international celebrity how time flies…

  24. Not even joking I started a game after watching the video. first game I get black against the Nc3 mistake hahaha awesome thanks a lot !

  25. I remember a photo of Pia in hospital playing chess, she was pregnant in that moment. I don't remember the year

  26. I remember a photo of Pia in hospital playing chess, she was pregnant in that moment. I don't remember the year

  27. But, if what about knight goes for fried liver atack?

  28. A master class for my favorite opening?? Yes please ☺️ I always try and get the evans gambit 🙃

  29. I don't agree at all. Do you have any idea how many openings and, within this openings, how many variations, one has to study with Black after 1.e4 e5? Why would you – an amateur – do that? Learn the King's Gambit, the Vienna, the Scotch and some gambits and then turn your attention to the Spanish, which you will see most of the time and which is a labyrinth. You can spend many thousands of hours on this. If you get as far as 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 (?) White can play 4. Ng5, start learning this opening, the two knight's defense, which does not give Black anything. Or he-she can play another series of moves such as 4.d3. In all of this, White dictates play. My approach is completely different: as a beginner or a player in the 1200 – 1900 range, learn one opening, stick to it and forget about GM evaluations. Your opening of choice might not be the 'best' but it is good enough and study middle games and endgames in the time you that you save memorizing variations that will turn out non-relevant for most of the time at your level of play anyway.

  30. 5:15 they won't defend the pawn, they will go for fried liver attack

  31. nice, from a less than 600 player who wins one out of five games.

  32. at minute 27 black goes for the same structure that white would have "blundered" on move 4. Night can take on e5 and then push pawn d3-d4 to fork the bishop and knight?

  33. she is very relaxing to listen to, such a lovely accent

  34. Very good lesson thank you but the move knight f3 (4:40) opens up for the fried liver attack (knight g5). I know there's a defence for this where black comes out fine but quite tricky for a beginner (and even intermediate) player with a lot of room for fatal mistakes. So I wish you would have covered this (the fried liver defence)!

  35. Pia is so sweet omg. I want her to be my mum, my grandma, my sister, and my best friend all in one.

  36. To me e5 is risky, compounding the advantage for white. The reason you play h6 like mama said is to make the Bishop commit to one side or the other.

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