Grandmaster Pia Cramling Chess Opening Class: The Italian Game

This chess opening masterclass by Grandmaster Pia Cramling demonstrates the slower lines in the chess opening family of the Italian game. Stay tuned for part 2, which describes a few more tactical lines. Subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any future videos. Also, drop a comment down below of what you thought of the video, I try to answer as many as possible!





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Thumbnail Photo – Lars O.A. Hedlund

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  1. Feel like all e4 e5 players below 1800-2000( potentially slightly above) should watch this video.

    Edit: I mean below that rating the knowledge gained here would spike your win rating, absolutely everyone could enjoy this gem of a lesson.

  2. Unfortunately the calm and down to earth vibe of GM Pia is totally destroyed by Anna’s jittery and loud demeanour

  3. I could watch videos of your mum all day, the way she explains things is unbeaten. Would love her to be my coach 🤣

  4. Excellent instruction. The first 3 moves on each side were explained to beginners, but the rest was very instructive to intermediate players.

  5. After following these lines shown, i'm beating all these stupid tricks and traps :P. somebody tried to sac a horsey, but instantly hung his queen by moving it into my horse xD

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    Motivo per il quale l'opinione USA è stata allora totalmente manipolata
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    * Serve un OK, ma perche allora hanno deciso tutto preventivamente i papa' dei 2 Luca:
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  7. I missed an analysis about the fried-liver attack

  8. Thank you for the class.. I live in an area where the closest club is like 2 hrs away.
    this helped alot to tidy my italian game. Love the vids and the streams too

  9. So smart, beautiful and smokin' hot. And Anna is great too!😇😛

  10. Thank you Grandmaster Cramling. The best Chess instruction I’ve found on You Tube

  11. im only a lowly 1254 rated player but that was great and really insightful. Thank you Anna and Annas mum.

  12. Anna, so much better looking than the bottle blonde look. Great video, what a lovely mum.

  13. I love how the styles match the personalities….Grandmaster Pia’s Italian Game is so calm and smooth..

  14. Pia thank you for the lesson I’m trying to get better and your lesson was very helpful got to say your my Beth Harmon thank you again

  15. Anna looks so pretty here, natural. The buckets of makeup just spoil it.

  16. But how on earth am I gonna remember all that'? 😭😄

  17. Nice but I prefer Anna’s simpler and more concise explanations and lessons.

  18. Is it just me, or is Pia the mom we all wish we had growing up? Such a nice, quiet, soft human being… who will tie a rope around your neck on the board!

  19. I never see vienna game played with F4, theory has destroyed it?

  20. Holy cow, Anna I just realized how much your new hairstyle fits you so well! Like a different person you look great either way but dang what a difference

  21. Hey Ann, Kevin from Texas say hi.
    I just Googled your mom and found some very young pictures of her. …and with you when very young.
    One great pic w/ young you in a pink headband with mom. …really great pic.

  22. Don't color your hair, Anna. It's carcinogenic.

  23. Honestly I love your stuff but I REALLY love when your mum teaches it really makes sense to me

  24. Crazy that spain and Italy are only one square away from eachother

  25. Great lesson. Are there more of these opening lessons with GM PiaC?

  26. Yeah. Impossible to teach one of the Magnus crappy openings. There isn't – and perhaps never will be – theory associated with them.

  27. I have this encyclopedia on chess, and in it's article on the Giuoco Piano. And it suggests it's not played by top players. But then people like Magnus have played it in tournaments. Not sure why the encyclopedia seems to have missed the mark. Maybe in the 1970s, people thought the opening was dead, but further study, possibly with computers said otherwise.

  28. what about early Ng5, threatening the f7 square ???

  29. This is one of the best videos on your channel

  30. Why do all these young female chess m@rons have to scream like wounded pigs all the time ? It’s vulgar, boring, ridiculous, and just a huge call for a solid slap. Why ? 😅

  31. pia cramling targets children and has them trafficked

  32. It is just mind boggling how easily Pia slips back and forward through positions, already knows the outcome of every variation

  33. Wow Pia has classes! This is old but it just found my feed haha

  34. Anna has matured so much in 3 years, while Pia has not changed noticeably.

  35. This may sound weird, but i can see why Anna’s dad married Anna’s mom

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