GothamChess v. Greg Shahade! Can Internet’s Chess Teacher Reach Finals? | I’M Not A GM SCC 2023 | SF

The I’M Not A GM Speed Chess Championship (IMSCC) is back for its 2023 edition! This year’s tournament features everyone’s favorite chess teacher, GothamChess, IM Greg Shahade, IM Lawrence Trent and IM Polina Shuvalova!

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  1. congrats to Levy but I was rooting for Greg.I think Greg is the superior player but bullet just gets him every time vs Levy.

  2. I like chess, but do people actually watch this for 4 hours?

  3. It’s so fun seeing Levy play full out in all seriousness. I think his self deprecating humor and his friendship with Hikaru makes people underestimate just how strong of a player he really is

  4. i am just watching the recap, did levy sacrificed the ROOOOKKK???

  5. I hate I missed this live, I bet the chat was insane LOL

  6. Yo… He hung rook e4 and he didn't like it!!!!

  7. <post game interview comment>

    Man, the post interview seemed a little painful. Props to Greg for holding it together. I'm not sure how serious this was to him, but if I just lost a tournament, I wouldn't want to sit there and chat about "what I did wrong" with the winner.

  8. Congratz to Levy🎉! His insane resilience paid off. Love to see him competing in chess.

  9. Honestly, i now dream that someday Hess will call something I’ve accomplished « phenomenal ». Lol

  10. bro Levy needs to lay off the Adderall a little bit

  11. I didn’t know Levy wrote a book. Congratulations if you see this!
    Have a grata day everyone. GREAT commentary as always guys

  12. Congratulations Levy, wish I could work on your mental game. You just need to live in the MOMENT. No past and no future, no ego, don't be attached to the outcome. Work on that an you will excel.

  13. First of all, I'm not your teacher. Second of all, I'm not a GM, so stop en-passanting at me.

  14. Who said that levy couldn't comeback…Levy, the comeback king….❤️❤️ Congratulations Levy…b

  15. Levi has to stop saying he is not good enough. He is a excellent player who can aim upwards and fully achieve his goals. Godspeed @Gothamchess 😊

  16. I'm not a data scientist, but GM Danya calling it a 'meta-fork' is possibly the best seasoned assist of '23

  17. Not only is levy, an amazing entertainer and teacher, but the dudes got game

  18. Robert and Danya are the best commentating team.

  19. I feel bad for greg he look sad by any chance if you see my comment you did a great job bro

  20. sucks that the bullet has such a disproportionate influence over the outcome. terrible structure

  21. Leaving this comment for myself to remember to watch 3:33:33 whenever I need a laugh

  22. Super proud of Levy for gutting out a ruthless comeback after making a video earlier this year talking about his struggles with pressure and stress. And in this position his composure sent his opponent into a spiral to win. Phenomenal personal growth by Levy.

  23. That's the guy from GTA V !!!

  24. Game three of the first segment (58:14) I saw g3, black to respond, and Bf4 attacking the Queen

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