GothamChess Has A New Stockfish Idea? #shorts #chess #gothamchess

W or L idea? What’s your opinion?


  1. I agree. For example, to the opening of Schoolar's mate, When Queen H5 is played, best move to black is Queen E7. A rookie never would see this move, and would play most likely Horsey to C6(If only queen are out)/Horsey to H6(If the bishop are out already with queen.)

  2. This would be too difficult. Stockfish could never comprehend the stupidity of a 200 elo.

  3. I would rather loose my queen as I think knight are better at winning other pieces

  4. Hello I actually watch you tho to learn chess

  5. Doesn't stockfish already do this when evaluating brilliant and great moves

  6. imagine stockfish be at like at very low elo, always 50 50, mate in 1? Still 50 50, you either checkmate or get checkmated no inbetween!

  7. if you're gonna take clips from gothamchess, you could at least link where you got it from

  8. This is the type of idea we’ve all had, we just never expressed because we all thought it would be stupid

  9. 200 elos are unpredictable
    Stockfish will die trying this

  10. If you get the chrome extension ChessAssist,

    You can adjust the max elo of stockfish. So some engines already have that feature.😊😊

  11. They base their elo on how good they are so taking into account their elo before hand doesn’t matter

  12. Ive literally thought of this dozens of times its common sense

  13. No. Stockfish giving the harshest eval is how I've gotten better.

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